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Fairytrail Helps Digital Nomads Find Love Matches and Adventure Partners

Lynn Cadet

Written by: Lynn Cadet

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The Short Version: Fairytrail helps travelers and digital nomads build lasting relationships and embark on unforgettable adventures with its dating app and travel service partnerships. Users can download Fairytrail for free and match with other singles by selecting the same trips. Fairytrail gives traveling singles a specialized platform to discover other like-minded individuals and meet a special someone with whom to travel the world. We spoke with Taige Zhang, Fairytrail Founder, about what makes Fairytrail different from traditional dating apps and its unique matching framework. 

When Taige Zhang created Fairytrail, he had no intention of making it a dating app. As an avid traveler, Taige wanted a way to meet like-minded people while on solo trips. So he developed Fairytrail and turned it into a digital haven for adventurers to find people organically. All users had to do was match on adventures and then meet on a video call for a vibe check.

Fairytrail’s concept was all about safety, social connection, fun, and eliminating the pressure of finding new friends in unfamiliar settings. Then Taige realized that he could pivot Fairytrail’s value proposition to help people find not only friends while traveling but also partners.  

Fairytrail Logo
Fairytrail helps digital nomads find love.

“Our whole strategy was travel adventures so that people can meet other people in different cities. When COVID hit, we decided to pivot to a dating app for people with a passion for adventures. Then we realized that remote workers really loved our product,” said Taige. 

Traditional dating apps are typically tailored for people to match with other singles within the same city. Fairytrail goes beyond those boundaries with its app, giving remote workers and travelers a platform to meet like-minded individuals while on the go. 

More than 90% of Fairytrail users are digital nomads. So having that guaranteed consistency makes it easier for adventurous people to find their matches. Whether you want a relationship or want to create lasting memories, Fairytrail can help you do so. 

Meet Someone with Similar Passions and Lifestyles

Most digital nomads are always on the go or open to destination hopping. They live a work life with more freedom and fewer strings attached, allowing them to work from anywhere. Fairytrail understands this and enables remote workers to find others on the same journey.

“We thought we could build something different from traditional dating apps that address the same need. The concept we came out with was helping match people on adventures and activities,” said Taige.

Fairytrail distinguishes itself in two ways: matching functionality and location settings. Users can match on adventures and then choose to go on a date just like that. Its setup is ideal for people who don’t have traveling limitations or scheduling conflicts, which is why Fairytrail was such a hit among remote workers. 

A screenshot of Fairytrail homepage
Singles can meet like-minded individuals on Fairytrail.

“If you match with someone on an adventure, but you’re based in two different cities, it’s very hard for a relationship to flourish. However, if one or both people are remote workers, then it’s easier. You just need to buy a ticket,” said Taige.

Taige told us that long-distance matching is one of the biggest challenges for traditional apps. Daters often find long-distance dating difficult and less likely to work because it’s hard to establish time to meet. But this is less of an issue for remote workers.

“If you want to travel the world, and you have a job that lets you explore the world, it’s best to find someone who also has that capability. And Fairytrail allows you to do that,” said Taige.

Fairytrail Vets Users for Greater Security

Fairytrail is all about setting up travelers with great adventure buddies and memorable trips. It has partnered with the most trusted travel companies, including Airbnb, Tripadvisor, and Nomads, to offer the best services to its community. The FairyTrail team also ensures user safety with a multilayer vetting process.

“Currently, we decided our value proposition is a trusted dating app for digital nomads and travelers. There are a lot of apps out there that people try and think they’re fishy. So I think the problem we’re solving is providing a legitimate app with real users,” said Taige.

Fairytrail eliminates safety concerns and offers users peace of mind with its security process. Taige said the app has seven to eight layers of vetting, and the team plans to add more layers in the future. Fairytrail collects data from mobile devices and leverages different technologies to determine the authenticity of a user profile. 

A screenshot of Fairytrail homepage
Fairytrail ensures top security for all its users.

“We also use humans to vet. So, we have people checking profiles that get flagged by our algorithms. To check, we have user reports. So if one user has been interacting with someone fishy, they can report them and those also get factored into our algorithm,” said Taige.

Taige told us he is happy with the quality of Fairytrail’s community. He said users often share their experiences and have given great testimonials. One person has gone on a silent retreat, and another was chased up a tree by a rhino. Fairytrail can help you make lasting memories with unique and adventurous people, whether on a group tour or a romantic one-on-one trip. 

“I’m super happy about the quality of our users. When we run surveys, we get tons of positive feedback about the quality of users. We get a lot of cool stories. And I bet they make great conversation starters,” said Taige.

Travel the World While Falling in Love

Fairytrail’s app is excellent for short adventures. But it can also help singles find their forever travel partners. Taige told us that since the pandemic, most Fairytrail users are looking to date instead of just finding temporary travel companions. Fairytrail has transformed into a niche dating app for users searching for that travel and life partner. 

“If you want to travel the world, Fairytrail is a great app to find someone who also has that desire and the ability to do so,” said Taige.

Taige said many people want to establish a traveling lifestyle with a partner, similar to the relationships documented on Instagram. They don’t want to go on an app and wonder if their match will want to travel or have to sacrifice their dream. Fairytrail sets out to be that niche platform for users to find people with a similar passion for travel. 

“If you have a dream to travel the world with someone you love, then this is the app to use because people on our app are real, and they have the means and desire to do that,” said Taige.