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Who Initiates the Second Date?

May Hui
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You get all dolled up, you go on the date, you like what you see, you flirt with him, and you have a great time. You feel something special there and you think he does, too.

Now what? Do you do the modern thing and ask him out for the second date?

The answer is NO. Let the man be a man.

There are three things you can do to secure the second date:

1. Give indications you like him.

Playing hard to get is so yesterday.

What you should do on the first date is give indications you are having a great time and you are interested in him: lingering stare with a sexy smile, offer to share a dessert, touching him (arm, leg or hand), or just tell him at the end of the date.

You can say something like, “I surprisingly had a fantastic time tonight and hope we do it again.”


“Men will almost always give a

woman a second date if she was nice.”

2. Thank him for the date.

Women sometimes forget to thank the guy for the date, so a genuine and sincere “Thank you” does not go unnoticed.

If he picked a great venue, acknowledge that and give him kudos. What guy doesn’t like positive reinforcement?

In this day and age, a post-date text like, “Thank you. I had a great time. Drive safely,” is very sweet and shows you are kind and grateful.

Men don’t like women who have a sense of entitlement, so if you are the type to assume the man will pay for the first date, that’s fine. But make sure you thank him for the meal or drinks.

Hopefully by the third date, you are offering to get dessert or coffee or even the meal. It’s nice to offer, even if he doesn’t take you up on it.

3. Smile and show compassion.

Men will almost always give a woman a second date if she was nice.

If she looks great in a dress on the date (yes, you should always try to look feminine and wearing a dress will never go wrong), smiles, looks like she is having fun and shows compassion and kindness, men will want to see her again.

It’s that simple. Men are simple creatures. Women just need to smile more on a date and be kind.

Let the man be a man. Women should be feminine. Men like soft, feminine, pretty things.

Men are simple creatures. Enjoy the dating process and have fun.

Have you ever initiated the second date?

Photo source: eharmony.co.uk.