Why Does My Date Excessively Text?

Nick Slade
Nick Slade Updated:
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We all get addicted to our cell phones from time to time, and smart phones only compound the digital dilemma. There are dozens of innocent as well as nefarious reasons for texting overload, so it’s hard to speculate about the reason your boyfriend is infected with digital fever.

In this modern 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi world, there is not only texting to consider, but also the host of social networks we have to keep up with.

He might be following 200 people on Twitter, and they might cause his phone to chirp a dozen times an hour. A tweet could be coming from a celebrity who just made a salami sandwich, a friend, a TV show, a news site, or it could be a sports rundown of all the latest scores.

It’s very easy to get involved in a nationwide conversation at times on just about any kind of topic, too.

And then, of course, every time one of his friends posts something on Facebook, that post will chime in too, so he might feel like he has to “like” their new photo or comment right away. And then there are the emails and regular texts.

If he seems to be secretive about what’s on the screen, it could be a red flag that it’s another woman. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a violation if you’re just starting to date and have no commitment yet.

If it’s a first date, his buddies might be checking in to see how it’s going or are just giving him a hard time. Whatever the reason, it is not something you should let him to continue to do throughout the date.

If he wants to date his phone, then you don’t need to be there. His attention should belong to you. Let him know that.

Just tell him, “Look, if you’re too busy to be on this date right now, we can reschedule it for another time.”

If you’re suspicious about all of his texting activity, just ask him what’s going on. See if his answer is forthcoming and believable, or if he just tries to deflect the question.

Unless his sister is in labor, use your feminine charm and power to get him to put away his toy.