How Be Romantic After 50

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How to Be Romantic After 50

Sam Stieler
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Does romance have an expiration date? Lots of older men find it difficult to continue feeling as passionate as they did when they were younger and resign themselves to believing those glory days are simply over.

The good news is that this isn’t a permanent situation. You can regain those passionate feelings of youth once more. The bad news is that you’re going to need to put in a little work if you want to keep that fire alive.

And that work starts where you’d least expect it.

The biological basis of romance.

Romance isn’t solely powered by the strength of your relationship. The better you feel physically, and the healthier you are, the easier those good feelings will flow through your veins.

Assuming you already eat a decent diet and get a little bit of physical exercise, there are a couple actions you can take to supercharge your inner biological fire:

1. Get a blood test.

Spending a little money to get a comprehensive blood test will reveal nutrient imbalances that can contribute to all sorts of physical problems, including low energy, lowered libido and even psychological depression.

2. Eat your egg yolks.

Dietary cholesterol has been unfairly demonized for a generation. What dietary cholesterol does impact is your body’s hormonal output, so eat your eggs without fear.

3. Stock up on nuts.

All nuts are good for you, but almonds deserve special mention in this discussion due to their full compliment of micronutrients and their high levels of Vitamin E.

4. Trade gym marathons for interval training.

The practice of interval training has been proven to produce greater physical benefits than powering through endless cardio or weight lifting sessions.


“Once you get your motor running again, it

will take you to those long-forgotten places.”

Taking charge.

Getting some fire pumping back through your veins is only half the battle. After you start feeling alive again, you need to funnel your newfound vitality into habits specifically designed to jump start your heart (and your relationship). The more you consciously act romantic, the more romantic you will feel.

1. Dress better.

Taking care with your appearance is one easy step towards redeveloping your romantic leanings.

2. Change the media you consume.

I’m not going to tell you what, exactly, you should listen to or watch, but I will suggest the general tone and subject matter of the media you consume helps to define what you think about and feel day to day.

3. Perform little kindnesses to your partner.

When it comes to doing these little things, you need to adopt a “fake it till you make it attitude” and trust that the more romantic actions you push yourself to perform, the more romantic actions you will want to perform.

No, none of this sounds particularly spontaneous, but building these habits will return you to a romantic mindset, one that will naturally express itself in all sorts of surprising and exciting ways.

Once you get your motor running again, it will take you to those long-forgotten places you worried you had to give up on years ago.