How Tech Affects Your Single Status

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How Tech Affects Your Single Status

Laurie Davis
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Gone are the dial-up days. All hail instant notifications! In a world where we update our status, download books and text rather than call, our lives now have a digital dynamic.

When you are single, your virtual impression extends beyond your dating profile, regardless of where you met your date.

If your match does some digital digging and finds information that makes you less attractive, you might have some ‘splaining to do and it could impact your potential together.

Here are a few truths you need to know about dating in a webby world.

1. Your dates are going to eCheck you out.

Whether it happens after your first date or your fifth, you can bet your match is going to Google you.

So make sure you search for yourself and a few combinations of the details of your life so you’re in the know about what your Google history will reveal.

2. All Google results are not created equal.

When you’re using a search engine to check out your match, remember this isn’t a complete snapshot of their life.

A tip from my book, “Love @ First Click”: Google is not your BFF!

Results will not be tailored to your situation (and the things you see on the screen might not even be of their identity exclusively).

So if you find something confusing, be cautious when you discuss it. If you bring it up out of the blue, your date might feel attacked.


“The most authentic way to meet people via social

networks is to create relationships in the cloud naturally.”

3. Prep yourself for friend requests. 

If you’re not already friends with your match on a social network, a request will likely ping your inbox at some point.

Create privacy filters so you can ease your dates into your digital domain.

Taking things in phases is the best (and safest) option so your relationship always has room to grow. After all, it’s like meeting the friends 2.0.

4. Dating sites aren’t the only places to meet.  

Just like you might meet your next date at the grocery store or a bar, you never know if you’ll chat up a match on Instagram or Foursquare.  In fact, I met my fiance on Twitter!

The most authentic way to meet people via social networks is to create relationships in the cloud naturally.

Ultimately, being open to the possibilities means more flirting in your life — online or off.

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