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iDate Conference 2013

C. Price
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I’m excited to announce myself and our community will be attending the upcoming iDate 2013 Conference in Las Vegas from January 16-18.

While we’re all looking forward to spending a couple days in sunny Las Vegas, we’re most excited about taking advantage of the conference’s jam-packed schedule, which offers a ton of great opportunities to learn more about the online dating industry, network with some of the field’s top names, and learn how we can better serve our readers.

The conference is divided into a couple different tracks, allowing attendees to either focus on what they’d most like to learn about or mix and match their sessions to pick up a wide variety of different new skills.

For example, dating coaches can focus on their own special track, as can matchmakers, affiliates and online dating business owners.

With more than 75 different speakers attending the event and sharing their knowledge, I think we’re going to learn a lot.

But what’s really great about the conference is the fact it caters to every experience level — from industry veterans to total newbies.

Some sessions focus on laying the groundwork for success in the online dating industry, while others focus on highly technical issues like optimizing MMS marketing campaigns.

A few sessions revolve around online dating startups, while others center on whether online dating hurts or helps matchmakers.

Several sessions teach how to avoid the small segment of scammers threatening to hurt the industry, and other sessions debate hot-button issues, including the potential positives and negatives surrounding dating algorithms.

And, of course, there will be plenty of great parties to attend over the conference’s three days, as well as tons of dedicated networking sessions.

Overall, I’m having a hard time containing my excitement. If you’re interested in attending, you will find me speaking on Friday, January 18th, as a moderator for this year’s discussion on “Industry Secrets to Accelerating Your Date Coaching & Matchmaking Business.” I’ll be there to offer insights on and our dedicated users, as well as ask our panel of experts for their secrets in the business!

We can’t wait to take to the next level over the next year, and we know iDate 2013 will provide us with the tools we need to make 2013 truly great!

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