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The Short Version: While many singles are open to love, monolingualism may be holding them back. Learning a new language can broaden one’s ability to understand different cultures, travel the world, or even start a new relationship. With Lingoda Online Language School, learning a new language can fit into even the busiest schedules. Students can learn English, French, Spanish, and German with small group and individual classes, all completely online. 

Even when singles try their hardest to make themselves available, forming romantic connections can be challenging. While online dating has made it easier to meet people, a single person may need to put in additional effort to make a new relationship work. This effort can include traveling, engaging in a long-distance relationship, or potentially learning a new language. Luckily with Lingoda, becoming multilingual has gotten a lot easier.

Founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2013, Lingoda provides accessible online language courses in English, Spanish, French, and German to more than 100,000 students worldwide, making it one of the top online language schools. The company offers small group and 1-to-1 classes 24/7 so students can access language classes whenever they want. All classes are taught by native-level teachers. 

Example lesson from Lingoda
Lingoda can teach idioms and common phrases in its lessons.

Individuals hoping to better their romantic prospects can open themselves up to new potential connections when they learn a new language with Lingoda. The company’s personalized education format and practical exercises make it effective at teaching new language skills that can easily be applied in conversation with native speakers. 

Should singles try to use their new language skills with a potential partner, they often find that Lingoda has eased their transition into regular language usage.

We spoke with Lingoda’s Curriculum Team Lead, Philippa Wentzel, about how Lingoda’s services can help singles and couples strengthen and deepen relationships across cultures with different native languages. Philippa’s focus at Lingoda is on developing learning materials that bolster communication and genuine interaction. 

Philippa said she believes that language is an excellent tool not only for communicating, but for understanding someone’s deeper background. “By speaking someone’s language, you learn about them, their culture and their ideas,” Philippa said. “Breaking down the language barrier bridges cultural differences, fosters a world of inclusion and is a first step in helping to address humanity’s challenges.”

Learning Through a Personalized Curriculum

Lingoda’s team specifically designed its curriculum with busy students in mind. Used primarily by expats in Europe and American travelers, Lingoda was made for people who have work and commitments other than being a language student. And, most importantly, Lingoda students are learning from various countries, with every possible time zone.

Lingoda has individual and small group classes literally 24/7. Students can sign up for the classes that work for them at the best time slot. Once in class, students can converse with each other to get comfortable speaking the language. “Our classes focus on human interaction and maximum conversation time,” Philippa said. “Led by native-level teachers, each Lingoda language class has a maximum of 5 students, giving everyone plenty of opportunities to speak. This also allows them to receive individual attention and personalized feedback.”

In individual classes with their teachers, students get one-on-one help and instruction personalized to them. 

“In a private class setting, the whole focus will be on the individual student,” Philippa said. “This gives the student just a little more time to engage with the teacher directly, ask any questions that come up right away and to tailor the class specifically to their personal needs.” 

Lingoda helps students learn English, French, Spanish, or German through small group and individual classes.

Through Lingoda, students access the most beneficial elements of traditional in-person and online study. They get the essential conversation and community of a classroom with the flexibility of a typical language application. 

Students also study and interact with different languages and accents in their chosen language. “To expose you to a range of accents and speaking styles,” Philippa said, “we rotate teachers and students from more than 120 countries to build ‘language fluidity.'” This makes interacting with native speakers much easier than if students were to just learn the standard version of their new language.

You never know where your future partner could be from, or the specific dialect of the language they speak. But with Lingoda’s focus on conversation and language fluidity, you will have a better chance of talking to your new beau with ease, even if you don’t share the same first language.

Bilingualism Can Help Your Relationships

Perhaps the most direct way that learning a new language can improve your relationships is that you will be open to meeting more people. “It could allow you to connect to a wider range of potential partners, especially if you live abroad,” Philippa said. “It’s also a great icebreaker if you meet someone from another culture and can speak a little of their language.” Even if the person you meet speaks English fluently, knowing a bit of their native language can help you to connect.

Speaking your partner’s native language can also help you get along better with their family. While many young people abroad have picked up English as a second language, it is less likely that their parents and extended family have learned English as well. If your new relationship becomes serious, having the language skills to speak in your partner’s native language with their family could help you fit in and even impress their parents.

When you connect with your partner’s family, you’ll be able to deepen your relationship in another critical way: understanding their culture. So much of culture, community, and tradition exists within language tradition. Without speaking the same languages, it can be difficult to understand each others’ backgrounds. 

couple embracing
Learning a new language can open your horizons to new relationships.

Additionally, an individual’s personality can change relative to the language they speak. “Learning a partner’s language can allow you to connect with them on a different level,” Philippa said. “Many people actually feel that their personality subtly shifts when they speak in different languages, and crazy as it sounds, there’s some interesting research that suggests we really do act and think differently when speaking different languages!” 

With that in mind, learning your partner’s language can help individuals get to know a different side to their partners and connect with them when they’re most comfortable and confident.

If you’re in an established relationship, learning your partner’s native language can be a great way to show that you care about your partner and their experiences. Philippa told us about a woman who learned German to surprise her fiancé by saying her vows in German. Her commitment to learning his language added real action to the words of her vows and made the entire wedding ceremony all the more meaningful.

Lingoda Supports Your Language Journey

The Lingoda team’s primary concern is customer satisfaction, which makes them dedicated to consistently improving the user experience.

“We want to ensure that we continue to offer a high-quality experience even as we grow as a company,” Philippa said. “That’s why we pay close attention to online ratings and meticulously collect feedback from our students through frequent internal surveys. Our student NPS score is something we track very closely, along with metrics related to how long students stay engaged with and get value from the product.”

man on busy street
When students learn a new language, they gain the confidence to get out of their comfort zones.

Lingoda’s team is dedicated to ensuring that students stay invested in their language learning endeavors and gain the most conversational skill possible from their studies. In doing so, students learn more about the world, other cultures, and even themselves. The newfound skills and successes that students nurture through Lingoda help them become more confident as individuals and as potential partners looking for new ways to grow in love.

“Learning a new language can boost your own self-confidence and self-esteem, broaden your horizons, and give you a whole new perspective on the world,” Philippa said. “And if those aren’t attractive qualities, then I don’t know what are. “