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Modern Matchmaking — Tawkify Makes Dating Effortless With No Profiles & Personalized Planned Dates

Hayley Matthews
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The Short Version: Tawkify has shifted the focus back on the simple core of dating — to get to know and enjoy another person. By eliminating the time-consuming and monotonous online dating requirements, like setting up profiles, taking selfies, and sorting through “matches,” Tawkify matchmakers make dating fun again. Matchmakers start by interviewing the client and finding their dating dreams, and then they immediately get to work to find potential partners to match those desires. In addition, they plan a customized first date to ensure a jitter-less and enjoyable experience. With more than 60,000 profiles in its growing “romance rolodex,” Tawkify can be found in over 30 cities and is expanding across the country to provide personalized, uncomplicated matchmaking.

Swipe right, swipe left, ignore, favorite, block – navigating the dating world can be a little overwhelming, especially considering the time it takes to set up profiles on all the different dating platforms and sift through the suggested matches.

Photo of Tawkify logo

Tawkify offers personalized matchmaking services in more than 30 cities and metropolitan areas.

Michele Presley, a Certified Matchmaker, thinks things can be better, easier, and more personal. “Every actual match at Tawkify is made by an actual person,” Michele said of what sets Tawkify apart in the matchmaking and digital dating space.

Tawkify, which provides personalized concierge matchmaking for its clients, focuses on getting to know its clients to ensure effective matches – rather than asking just a few questions and flooding inboxes with profiles.

Michele found her way to Tawkify because, after becoming involved in the matchmaking business 10 years ago, she was unsatisfied with stale methodologies and poor customer service. Since joining the Tawkify team, Michele continues to see the difference such a personalized service makes in the dating lives of Tawkify clients.

Tawkify Matchmakers Offer a Truly Hands-On Experience

To provide such a customized service, Tawkify scours the country for the best matchmakers and quizzes them to ensure they possess effective, desirable matchmaking traits, said Michele.

Photo of Michele Presley, professional matchmaker and vice president of sales and marketing at Tawkify

Michele Presley, Professional Matchmaker and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Tawkify.

At the top of that list is listening, a trait used by every matchmaker at Tawkify to truly understand each client’s needs, goals, and desires.

With nearly 50 matchmakers in the US, Tawkify connects clients with a real person, usually within their own metropolitan area. If the matchmaker can’t meet in person for coffee or cocktails, then a Skype call is scheduled so the client can always directly reach their matchmaker.

Clients of the service experience the most Tawkify has to offer, while members pay less to simply get matched to clients passively. However, everyone within Tawkify’s “romance rolodex” is personally screened by Tawkify, so the chance of a creeper using the service is pretty null.

Going Further for Clients — Matchmakers Plan the Perfect First Date

Once a client is matched, either to another client or a passive member, the matchmakers begin planning the perfect date to ignite the sparks of passion, or to at least result in a second date. There are more than 60,000 names in the romance rolodex, so even if the first date doesn’t go according to plan, there are many more chances for a positive match next time.

Tawkify prides itself on being the cure for the common date, an antidote to dating fatigue. “The ‘Mystery Dates’ are actually a fun and creative way of breaking the ice on a blind date,” read one Yelp review.

Mystery Dates refer to the first dates planned by the matchmaker wherein neither party is aware of what the date entails, but the dates are based on personal interests of the client. With the matchmaker planning the first date, a lot of the pressure is taken off the clients and it allows them to focus on truly connecting.

Actually Listening to Client Feedback = Better Matches

Another unique feature Tawkify matchmakers offer clients using its concierge service is a first date review. The matchmakers actually follow up on the status of the date they prepared to see how the match worked out — or didn’t — so they can improve for the next first date.

Photo of Cindy, a Tawkify client

Cindy, a happy Tawkify client.

Success depends on a lot of factors, but matchmakers typically see about 80% of clients successfully match in about 6 to 12 months. During that time, Tawkify matchmakers work with the client to learn more about the what the client wants in addition to what did or didn’t work on previous dates.

Clients often develop a personal relationship with their matchmakers as they learn more about themselves through exploring Tawkify matches.

“The matchmakers act as a third party to help you better evaluate your dates and how much you may or may not like the match,” said Cindy, a Tawkify client. Cindy described the moment her matchmaker helped her finally realize just how much she really liked one her matches as magical.

Final Thoughts

Currently, most Tawkify matchmakers can be found in New York City, San Francisco, and several other major cities, with them working remotely in about 30 metropolitan areas across the nation. This is just one of the ways the folks at Tawkify have used technology to facilitate human connection rather than replace it.

“Our service is all about focusing on a person’s love life in a dedicated way, so while we do want to expand into new markets, we want to grow mindfully to preserve that quality, one-on-one focus,” Michele said.

The human element is so frequently and easily removed from online dating — complex people become simple profiles, the first conversation appears as simple text, and the waiting game can wreak havoc on nerves. Tawkify remains committed to providing a personal touch in an increasingly impersonal digital world.