I Meet A Lot of Widowers. Do Guys Date Too Soon After They Lose Their Spouse?

Dr. Wendy Walsh
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Reader Question:

In my age group, I am meeting and dating about 50 percent widowed guys. Several of them have lied to me about how long ago their wife passed, and ultimately it evolves into nonstop talking about their deceased.

I finally had to tell a man the constant talking about his wife had to stop. I never heard from him again.

Do guys get into dating too soon after they lose their spouse? How soon is too soon?

-Jo (Wisconsin)

Dr Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Long-term married men are most likely to quickly marry again after a spouse dies. They don’t know how to be single. They only know how to be part of a couple.

An elderly man who survived two wives recently told me they were his “first administration” and his “second administration.”

These kinds of men are great catches! They are loyal, loving husbands. It will be a lucky next wife who helps a man through his grieving process.

Trust me, he’ll transfer the feelings he has for his dead wife on to you if you hang in there.

Show compassion and be a friend. He’ll fall for you.

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