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The Stitch Community Helps Older Singles Expand Their Social Circles

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

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The Short Version: In the past, we have seen older singles suffer from fewer opportunities to connect and meet new people. Fortunately, with the help of Stitch, singles over 50 don’t have to feel isolated anymore – they can mingle on a social platform made specifically for them. Stitch has built a strong community of over 150,000 members who network through activities, interest groups, and events. Whether it’s introducing seniors to a friend or a partner, Stitch is on a mission to patch up social lives where it’s needed most. 

The internet is evolving and becoming more accessible and convenient for everyone. However, studies show that senior citizens are less likely to participate in online activities. Some seniors struggle to find websites and apps tailored to their needs and interests. While transitioning into the next chapter of life, older adults may find themselves isolated from the online world. 

Many individuals turn to the internet to cure their social needs. Especially during COVID-19, the internet has helped people stay connected, even when physically apart. However, older singles can still struggle to find a platform that is easy to use and tailored to where they are in life. “The internet is for the younger generation,” some would say. But that’s not necessarily true. 

Created by a team of dedicated individuals, the Stitch platform is on a mission to help people over 50 find the companionship they need online. Stitch’s vision is to improve the lives of older adults from around the world and patch up social isolation and cure loneliness by building a strong community. According to the Stitch team, Stitch is for anyone seeking friendship, romance, or anything in between. 

“One thing about this journey as we get older is that, at a certain point in our lives, we learn that everyone needs to build social connections,” Andrew Dowling, Founder and Chief Stitching Officer, said. 

On a Mission to Patch Up the Issue of Senior Isolation

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) reported that more than one-third of adults aged 45 and older feel lonely, and nearly one-fourth of adults aged 65 and older are considered socially isolated. This number unfortunately continues to grow, but platforms like Stitch can help keep those numbers down. 

As people get older, they can become more isolated from others. The social structures they had through their jobs or their families can weaken or vanish completely over time, and they may not be able to control their circumstances as they once did. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s how important social interaction and connection is in our lives – we need it! 

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Stitch provide members with an engaging space to meet new like-minded people.

Research says that loneliness and social isolation in older adults can increase the risk of premature death. Dementia, heart disease, and other serious medical conditions can worsen due to lack of social stimulation and community support. Andrew wanted to do something about that, so he created Stitch to patch up people’s social lives.

The Stitch community stands on the phrase, “Now is no time to feel isolated.” Stitch helped members stay connected throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by offering virtual events, interest group chats, and online discussions for members.

“We probably would have never thought of it before the pandemic. Although it was a tough time, it was probably the best thing that ever happened to the community. We found that so many people found genuine relationships from across the world that they may never have made,” Andrew said. 

Built By Members For Members

Thanks to Stitch, older adults don’t have to worry about going through their days alone. A Stitch member can find comfort knowing that there is always someone on their side and someone to talk to on this website. The community interweaves like-minded individuals who genuinely want to make authentic connections. 

The growth of Stitch is a testament to the efforts of Stitch members. By speaking about their personal experiences, members can better understand and help each other overcome the issue of senior isolation. Older adults can use the social platform’s tools to make life better for each other. 

“Stitch is a community built by members. We have so many community champions volunteering around the world to not only enrich their own lives but those around them,” Andrew said. “We’ve received feedback from people saying how we help transform their lives, and there’s not one person you put down responsible for that because we’re all a part of that story.”

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Stitch is a safe platform for finding companionship of all types.

According to the Stitch team, the community consists of individuals who value interpersonal connections and see the potential of Stitch. It’s been reported from the Stitch blog that members of the Stitch community have helped raise awareness of the website through radio stations, publications, and flyers. 

Stitch member Gina is a prime example of exceptional members advocating on behalf of Stitch. Gina is a professional counselor who made headlines by writing about her Stitch experience in  The Parklander Magazine. Gina credited Stitch for being the platform that helped her get out of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a social butterfly, Gina craved social interaction, but she also wanted to be safe from the virus, and Stitch allowed her to meet new people without fear.

Gina also took it upon herself to create a women’s group on the Stitch platform. Woman to Woman – A Virtual Group for Women invites female members to discuss common interests, shared perspectives, and anything else the women want to talk about. The women’s group has grown to 192 members, and so Gina effectively increased engagement on Stitch by sharing her story.

“Stitch offers a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, expand knowledge, and share laughter,” Gina said

Stitch: A Website Welcomes People Over 50

Not a lot of platforms cater specifically to older adults. If anything, most mainstream dating apps trend toward younger age groups. Stitch stands out by standing in support of people over the age of 50. Anyone in the over-50 age bracket is welcome to join for free and become part of the community. 

Stitch advocates that there’s more fun to be had after your 50th birthday. While some may see it as an ending, the Stitch community sees it only as the beginning to new adventures of a different sort. 

Stitch is available on all mobile devices, and it is easy to navigate the platform. Fortunately, members don’t have to be tech experts to know how to use Stitch. 

Members on Stitch have praised Andrew and the team for helping them get their groove back at their age. The platform has been recognized for its simple setup and commitment to opening the door for new social opportunities. 

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Stitch helps older adults with their social lives through community building.

“I really don’t know what I would do without Stitch in my life right now,” Stitch member Deborah said in a review posted on the website. “I was on a downward spiral of depression. Then I took a chance and decided to check this thing called Stitch out, never knowing what a blessing it was going to be in my life… I feel alive again.”

Just like Deborah, many other members have found Stitch to be not only convenient but safe. Member safety is a priority. All members undergo a verification process before they can communicate on the site. Stitch has a thorough security system that deters scammers from abusing the site. This ensures that all members are genuine, age-appropriate, and acting in good faith. 

In the future, members can look forward to Stitch facilitating more local, in-person activities as the world shifts back to normalcy. As a leader in mature networking, Stitch will continue to provide a safe space for older adults to find companionship in all forms. That way, they can get more out of life.