Fitness Level Accounts for 44% of Women’s, 21% of Men’s Sexual Satisfaction

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Does building a great body naturally lead to a great sex life? According to a new study, your level of fitness and your body image play a big role in how satisfied you feel between the sheets.

The study, which was published in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, found fitness level and body image account for 44 percent of women’s and 21 percent of men’s sexual confidence and satisfaction.

While both men and women were worried about being seen nude and how frequently they exercised, men were more concerned about their “strength and build” and women were more concerned with their “fitness level.”


“Fitness level accounts for 44 percent of women’s

and 21 percent of men’s sexual satisfaction.”

Study corresponding author Tina Penhollow recruited 408 participants (290 females, 118 males) who completed a questionnaire assessing how often each participant exercised, how they perceived their level of physical fitness and various elements of their sexual behavior, ranging from general satisfaction to intensity.

While the study showed both men and women cared about their physical appearance and how it related to sexual performance and satisfaction, women ultimately appeared to correlate a healthy lifestyle with sexual satisfaction more than men.

“Exercise not only promotes looking good and feeling better at a physical level, but more importantly, it provides benefits at an emotional and psychological level,” researchers said.

Source: ejhs.org. Photo source: flickr.com.