People in Committed Relationships Who View Porn More Likely to Cheat

C. Price
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According to a new study coming out of the University of Central Florida, porn use and cheating may go hand in hand.

The study found people in committed relationships who view porn are more likely to cheat than those who don’t.

Researchers looked at porn use among participants and then touched base with those participants 12 weeks later to see if they had cheated during that time.


“Researchers found participants who

regularly used porn were more likely to cheat.”

Researchers found a correlation between porn and cheating, even after controlling for previous cheating experiences, sociosexuality, relationship length, baseline relationship satisfaction, social desirability and gender and race.

The study’s authors speculate the connection comes from porn’s depiction of abundant no-strings-attached sex with a never-ending series of highly attractive partners, a point supported by the study’s findings that men who are exposed to porn report they believe they have “higher quality romantic alternatives.”

Source: Sagepub.com. Photo source: whyfiles.org.