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Alfresco Feasts: Ranking the Top 150 Romantic Dining Destinations

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The urge to indulge in one of life’s most cherished rituals — alfresco dining — grows irresistible as the days grow longer. Outdoor dining experiences in bustling city streets and tranquil countryside retreats are synonymous with the changing seasons, and American cities offer a unique blend of culinary delights perfect for couples wanting to spend a romantic evening together. 

At its heart, alfresco dining is a celebration of connection – to nature, to loved ones, and to the simple joys of life. There’s something undeniably magical about sharing a meal under the open sky, surrounded by the vibrant colors and the gentle whisper of a breeze.

As we bid farewell to the chilly days of winter, gone are the days of huddling indoors; instead, we find ourselves drawn to the promise of  sun-kissed afternoons and balmy evenings, and eagerly seek out restaurants with inviting patios, garden courtyards, and rooftop terraces.

But what is it about alfresco dining that stirs the soul and ignites the flames of romance? For many couples, alfresco dining holds a special place in their hearts as a setting for cherished memories and romantic moments.

Whether it’s a first date that blooms into a lifelong love story or an anniversary celebration that rekindles the flames of passion, outdoor dining experiences have a way of creating lasting memories of our most treasured relationships.

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There’s also something undeniably sensual about dining al fresco – from the tantalizing aroma of grilled meats and fresh herbs to the feel of warm sunshine on bare skin. And as day melts into night, the soft glow of candles and twinkling stars only serves to heighten the sense of romance, creating an atmosphere that is at once intimate and enchanting.

As we look ahead to the months of spring and summer, we surveyed 3,000 foodies across the country to identify the 150 most romantic locations for alfresco dining in 2024. Take the time to seek out those hidden gems even if you are not planning a romantic rendezvous for two, and instead are organizing a gathering of friends and family.

Every corner of America — from the historic streets of Savannah, Georgia, where ancient oaks and Spanish moss frame cozy cafes and upscale bistros, to the vibrant pulse of New Orleans’ French Quarter, alive with the aroma of Creole and Cajun delicacies — offers a tantalizing array of outdoor dining experiences.