Karen Belz

Karen Belz
Over the last 10 years, Karen Belz has written for dating and lifestyle sites such as Zoosk, Bolde, and Elite Singles. She started her career as a professional writer by helping launch HelloGiggles in 2011. Karen graduated from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Broadcasting with a minor in Print Media Studies. She is now happily married and believes that healthy communication is the key to all successful relationships. You can follow her on Threads @karenbelz.

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What Does “Gaslighting” Mean in Relationships? Tactics, Blame, and Your Self-Esteem

What Does "Gaslighting" Mean in Relationships?

By: Karen Belz • 5/14/24

"Gaslighting" is a popular term when it comes to relationship issues — but this buzzword can be misunderstood and...(read more)

What Does Courtship Mean?

The Stages of Courtship Explained

By: Karen Belz • 5/13/24

Dating has gone through some changes over the last few decades. Nowadays, it's not a requirement for men to pay for...(read more)

A Comprehensive Guide on Dating Compatibility

How Dating Compatibility Really Works

By: Karen Belz • 5/4/24

If you've ever witnessed a friend's relationship and thought, "I'd never be able to be with someone like their partner,"...(read more)

Is OurTime a Good Dating Site? 5 Reasons to Sign Up

Is OurTime a Good Site?

By: Karen Belz • 4/26/24

If you've been curious about the world of online dating, especially as a senior, you may have heard of a site called...(read more)

How to Improve a Senior Dating Profile

How to Improve a Senior Dating Profile

By: Karen Belz • 4/13/24

It can be tough to put yourself out there on the internet, but online dating is becoming a popular choice for many...(read more)

11 Best Older Asian Dating Sites (March 2024)

What Are the Best Older Asian Dating Sites?

By: Karen Belz • 2/9/24

Although dating sites have been around for decades, new people dive into the world of online connections every day. And...(read more)

Is Bumble a Hookup App? (May 2024)

Is Bumble A Hookup App?

By: Karen Belz • 2/3/24

New to the world of online dating? If so, you may be having some trouble differentiating between sites and what they...(read more)

6 Best Herpes Dating Websites (Feb. 2024)

6 Herpes Dating Sites That Combat Stigmas

By: Karen Belz • 12/21/23

People who are diagnosed with the herpes simplex virus might assume that that's the end of their dating life — but,...(read more)

OkCupid Review & 4 Free Alternatives (Feb. 2024)

OkCupid Review & 4 Free Alternatives

By: Karen Belz • 12/17/23

All dating apps have their charms, but there's something special about OkCupid. The site was initially launched by four...(read more)

7 Best Irish Dating Sites & Apps (Feb. 2024)

7 Best Irish Dating Sites

By: Karen Belz • 12/3/23

One of the best things about online dating is that people from all over the world can give it a try. A 2015 study...(read more)

5 Popular Dating Sites in Minnesota (2024)

5 Popular Dating Sites in Minnesota

By: Karen Belz • 11/25/23

There are a lot of things about Minnesota that make it special. Not only is it naturally beautiful, but it's home to...(read more)

68% of Americans Say Student Loans Are a Dealbreaker

68% of Daters Agree Student Loans Are Dealbreakers

By: Karen Belz • 11/13/23

It's fairly common for a young professional to be saddled with student loans. But do those loans have an impact on more...(read more)

5 Tall Woman Dating Tips (Feb. 2024)

5 Tall Woman Dating Tips

By: Karen Belz • 11/3/23

I still remember one of the first dates I met on a dating site. We clicked online, but something seemed off in person....(read more)

12 Best Sober Dates Ideas (2024)

12 Memorable Sober Date Ideas

By: Karen Belz • 10/18/23

Some negative experiences can lead single people to reevaluate their relationship with alcohol. While a cocktail or a...(read more)

9 Solo Travel Tips for Single Women (2024)

9 Solo Travel Tips For Women

By: Karen Belz • 10/14/23

While it's always fun to vacation with a partner or a group of friends, many single women today are opting to travel by...(read more)

19 Dating Acronyms & Emojis Singles Need to Know (2024)

19 Dating Acronyms You Should Know

By: Karen Belz • 9/27/23

The internet has helped change the way people talk to each other — especially when it comes to dating. But, one thing...(read more)

6 Common Dating Dealbreakers (& Why They May Not Matter)

6 Common Dating Dealbreakers (& Why They May Not Matter)

By: Karen Belz • 8/24/23

Sometimes, you think you've met the perfect person — until they suddenly drop a bombshell you can't ignore. While we...(read more)

8 Best Dating Apps for Bisexual Females (Feb. 2024)

8 Best Dating Apps for Bisexual Women

By: Karen Belz • 8/12/23

If you're new to the world of dating apps, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of options out there. And it can be...(read more)

9 Tips for the Best Dating Site Headlines for Women

9 Tips for Writing a Dating Profile

By: Karen Belz • 7/28/23

Writing can be stressful at times, especially when you’re tasked with writing about yourself. That's why it's common...(read more)