How To Improve A Senior Dating Profile

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How to Improve a Senior Dating Profile

Karen Belz

Written by: Karen Belz

Karen Belz

Over the last 10 years, Karen Belz has written for dating and lifestyle sites such as Zoosk, Bolde, and Elite Singles. She started her career as a professional writer by helping launch HelloGiggles in 2011. Karen graduated from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Broadcasting with a minor in Print Media Studies. She is now happily married and believes that healthy communication is the key to all successful relationships. You can follow her on Threads @karenbelz.

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It can be tough to put yourself out there on the internet, but online dating is becoming a popular choice for many seniors. That said, not every senior who signs up for a dating app or site might know what will attract like-minded singles online. Here are some easy ways to improve a senior dating profile to ensure more matches and more messages.

1. Add a New Photo or Two 

Many seniors make the mistake of posting a photo from their glory years. While that college graduation shot may be an important and stunning photo, it doesn’t necessarily represent who you are today. That’s why it’s important to make sure pictures are current, and you have a few to choose from. Wondering what makes a good online dating profile photo? It’s easy — try to find pictures taken at happy events. It could be the wedding of a daughter or son, or perhaps a really good fishing photo where you’re showing off your pearly whites.

A photo of a unique experience or achievement can spark conversations.

Of course, smiling makes a big difference. A picture showcasing a happy moment is scientifically proven to attract more viewers. “Smiling can trigger a variety of emotions and biases during human interactions and it may be the most important factor controlling judgments of overall facial attractiveness,” a 2021 study concluded. In other words, you catch more flies with honey. 

It’s important to show yourself from all angles as well. Choose pictures that you like and are an honest representation of who you are. Any type of relationship, not just of a romantic nature, requires trust and honesty. By misrepresenting yourself, you’re getting started on the wrong foot. Looks are only one of the things that will attract attention. While a good profile image can make someone interested in clicking on your profile to learn more, the messages will likely follow only if they feel like they’re compatible and have shared interests.

2. Complete All Personality Quizzes & Profile Sections 

Personality quizzes can be a fun part of the online dating experience for some senior daters. Others might find them tedious and want to finish those sections as quickly as possible. If you’re hoping to improve your senior dating profile, you should invest more time and thought in this part of the process. The more thorough you are, the more chances you’ll have to make compatible connections. Don’t be afraid to answer how you feel, rather than choosing answers that you think other people would like.

Be thoughtful when answering quiz questions and prompts.

The same goes for filling out all parts of your profile. Don’t leave things blank — potential matches want all the information possible. Even saying something like, “That’s a good question that I’ll have to think about!” shows you have some attention to detail and want to put your all into your profile. While it’s not necessarily true that blank profiles mean a single person isn’t taking this pursuit seriously, it could come off that way to other senior daters. Remember, you can always elaborate more on certain questions after making the initial connection.

3. Check Your Grammar 

Sure, people use plenty of emojis and slang these days, but you’ll want to avoid any confusion in your online profile by using proper grammar. It’s important to check your spelling. While your profile doesn’t necessarily need to read like a college admissions essay, bad grammar is a total turnoff to many senior daters. 

Remember, your profile is the first impression you’re giving — you want to make sure to remove any avoidable errors. It can help to read what you’ve written in your online profile out loud. That way, you may be able to hear confusing or unclear sentences before they’re read (and possibly misinterpreted) by someone else.

“Read what you’ve written in your online profile out loud.”

The way someone writes tells a lot about them. Take pride in your profile to fully showcase how great of a match you are, and take the time to ensure everything you’re putting out into the world is both kind and accurate.

If your grammar isn’t naturally the best, ask someone you trust to look over your profile. It’s always great to have extra eyes on your writing, and it’ll be nice to share your dating journey with someone you already know has your best interests at heart.

4. Add Details & Use Full Sentences (No One-Word Answers) 

It’s incredibly easy to answer something with just a “yes” or “no,” but it’s always best to expand on responses in your online profile so that people can learn more about you. While every prompt doesn’t require a novel, it may be good to flesh out responses when given the chance. Not only is this a great way to showcase that you have plenty of dimension, but it’ll also be a great indicator that you can hold a conversation when you meet in person. 

Photo of a senior person typing
Communication isn’t everyone’s strong point, but it’s important to work on it.

Many date opportunities open up solely by asking more questions or elaborating on your feelings.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there — you have nothing to fear with online dating, and a full profile will be the best way to find senior singles with real compatibility. Remember that while it’s great to start with a full profile, you can always change it as time goes on. Nothing is set in stone, and you can make edits later to create a sharper online impression.

5. Be Clear About Your Dating Intentions & Preferences 

One of the best things about dating sites is the fact that you’ll meet a diverse group of singles who are all looking for something different. While many may be looking for a long-term romantic relationship, other senior singles may be looking for a companion for hikes or movie outings. When you approach online dating, you need to get on the same page with your matches. Make sure your profile is clear regarding your dating intentions and preferences.

If you’re Jewish and looking to meet other Jewish singles, it’s good to mention that in your profile (especially if you’re not on a Jewish-centered dating site like JDate). Don’t jot down what you think others will want to hear — to be successful with online dating, you need to be honest about what you want in your next relationship.

Screenshot of JDate
The JDate network can help a Jewish person date intentionally.

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to dating. Whether you’re looking for friends, casual dates, or a future spouse, create a senior dating profile that represents that. Don’t let family members meddle in your social affairs, especially if you’re not ready to move on the way they think you should. Your profile is all yours and should reflect you as much as possible.

That said, it’s also important to make sure you’ve set up a profile on the best site for you. As a senior single, you might be overwhelmed by a swiping app like Tinder that’s more for casual dates based heavily on physical attraction.You might fare better on a senior site like OurTime or SilverSingles. There’s nothing wrong with testing the waters on multiple sites and apps to see which has the most features that benefit you.

6. Update Your Dating Profile Frequently

Our dating experts advise singles to maintain an active profile. Many sites show the last time members logged in, and if you’re the type of person who only checks their profile once a week, other members may assume you’ve abandoned ship on online dating. Stay active and engaged, and people will take note. 

One of the biggest keys to success is making sure your profile is up to date. You can often tell which parts of your profile are getting noticed, since they’ll be mentioned in the messages you receive. If you put in a quirky response, it’s a good icebreaker for potential matches. Play around with your profile and see what works. As long as you’re honest and genuine, you have nothing to lose. 

The More You Have Fun, the More Messages You’ll Get

Of course, the main point of online dating is to have fun. Be yourself, don’t get discouraged, and take a chance when messaging other members. The experience you have, the more you’ll get the hang of online dating.

You’re a great person with a lot to offer, and by putting your best into your online profile, quality senior matches are sure to come.