4 Tips For Taking Great Profile Pictures

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4 Tips for Taking Great Profile Pictures

April Braswell
April Braswell Updated:
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Before you venture out to the senior dating sites to post your profile, you first want to be prepared with a group of great photographs of yourself.

You might think with the advent of digital cameras on our phones that you can just have a friend snap some photos of you to use in your profile.

You can use those as secondary photos, but when you’re looking for a relationship, mature senior singles need to do more than just use casual photos in their profiles.

1. Work with a professional.

I recommend to all my coaching clients that they get professional photos taken.

When what you seek is a mature relationship, then it is worth the time and money invested to work with a professional photographer so you actually look your best in your dating profile.

This matters for the singles in their 20s and 30s, too. For the mature singles in their 50s and 60s, it matters even more for you to leverage the expertise of a professional photographer.

Your photos will be high quality and that will communicate to your fellow senior singles that you are savvy, sophisticated and serious about a relationship.


“When your eyes and smile are featured,

singles can connect from your photograph. “

2. Wear face-framing clothes.

Most likely at least one or two of your photos will feature you in what is referred to as a “head and shoulders” image.

One of those photographs will be your primary profile photo, which the senior dating site will feature in the search results when mature singles are searching profiles.

By donning clothing that frames your face, your smile and shining eyes will be reflected in the photograph.

When your eyes and smile are featured, senior singles can connect with you from your photograph. They get a feel for you as a person from your eyes and smile.

3. Bring different clothing options with you.

Bring a few jackets and tops with you to your photo session with your professional photographer. Allow your professional to help you select which outfit will make you look your best.

A professional will even take a few extra minutes to photograph you in different outfits and show you on their camera what you look like so you can choose what image expresses you best as a romantic partner.

Remember, this photo shoot is for promoting yourself as a great romantic life partner. This is not a business photograph.

4. Smile with good posture.

When you sit up straight and look up slightly, you stretch and elongate your neck, giving you the most trim look possible.

Do this while smiling and making wonderful eye contact with your photographer, and you’ll look great in your photos.

It’s OK to have your professional photographer soften your crow’s feet around your eyes. However, don’t use so much retouching that your photographs end up looking obviously touched up.

Both senior men and women will feel apprehensive to meet you if your photos appear to conceal how you actually look. Instead, your smiling self-confidence will attract just the right ones to you.

So senior singles, how are you going to improve your photos to attract more dates? Which photo tip did you find most helpful?

Photo source: womansday.com.