5 Reasons To Stay Optimistic About Love Later In Life

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5 Reasons to Stay Optimistic About Love Later in Life

Michelle Johnson
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“Take spring when it comes, and rejoice. Take happiness when it comes, and rejoice. Take love when it comes, and rejoice.” – Carl Ewald

Do you ever feel like the chance for love or romance has passed you by?

You may be looking for love for the first, second, third or umpteenth time. You may just want some fun or steady companionship, or even just a delicious kiss to make your toes curl.

Whatever you may want from a relationship, as an older single woman, it can often seem elusive.

Sometimes it feels like you will never meet or attract the kind of person that is right for you. It can be frustrating, discouraging and disheartening, to say the least.

From the point of view of a woman who actually found love and married for the first time at age 43, I get it!

I often wondered:

If there were so many wonderful single people in the world who said they wanted to be together, why couldn’t we ever seem to get it together?

Once you get a little older in life, there is a bit of baggage.

Yes, you are hoping to avoid the extra baggage fees, but it can be difficult not to become a bit jaded and a little cynical.

This is particularly true after being hurt or disappointed just a few too many times. And really, by this time in life, who hasn’t?

It can be challenging to have an open heart and mind about the possibilities for joy and romance still available.

Then there is all the talk about “all the good ones being taken” or about the shortage of good men.

You may still reel from the false idea a woman is more likely to be attacked by terrorists than to get married after age 40. Yet, you are supposed to remain full of hope and optimism. Right…

It has been said perception is reality. So my question is if we want to change our reality, can we change our perception? Hmm…

Let’s turn this thing on its head and look at some reasons to stay optimistic about love later in life:

1. New potential partners are available all the time.

This may be a result of divorce, a death of a spouse, relocation or from a world which is shrinking due to the Internet.

The possibilities for potential love interests are perhaps greater and more accessible than ever before.

Many women are also now comfortable with men who are younger than them, and this opens up even more possibilities for partnership.


“You have been given the wisdom that can

only come through real-life experiences.”

2. 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40, 60 is the new 50, etc.

Many people are now living longer, healthier, more active lives than ever before.

Many women look fantastic well into their senior years, and the added longevity may give you more time and opportunity for love and romance.

3. Clarity about what you want in a relationship.

Because you have had more life on this planet, you are likely to have the ability to make better choices about relationships than when you were younger.

It’s the old learning-from-your-experience advantage.

4. You can claim your own power.

In this context, I am speaking about the power to manage your own life and be responsible for your own happiness.

It is easy to forget the choices available in life and get stuck in a routine or a rut.

Yet by making love, romance and socializing a priority, it is very likely you will find exactly what you are looking for.

5. You deserve some joy.

Let’s face it ladies, if you have made it this far in life, you have been through some ups and downs.

You have been given the wisdom that can only come through real-life experiences and perhaps even a few mistakes.

But these things have given you character, strength and authenticity.

By believing deeply you are worthy of being loved and appreciated, you are sending a message to the universe to send some joy your way!

How do you stay positive about love later in life?

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