Can Lesbian Summer Camp Help Your Dating Life

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Can Lesbian Summer Camp Help Your Dating Life?

Mary Gorham Malia
Mary Gorham Malia Updated:
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There is no question that you expect a lot from your partner in a relationship nowadays.

You want your girlfriend to be attractive, fit, active, fun, a good communicator, alcohol free or a regular drinker, a traveler or couch potato, younger or older and so many other things!

You want her to love your dogs, cats, fish, horses, birds, snakes and other odd living things you’ve collected.

She has to understand your kids and ex-partner’s involvement in your life. She’s got to be open to polyamory or be absolutely monogamous.

You have a lot of “shoulds” she needs to fulfill.

As a dating expert, I’m all for being clear about what you want in a relationship, but studies tell us there is something else that goes into having a great relationship – being a great partner.

So you’re clear about what you want in your girlfriend or partner. Are you really clear about what you’re bringing into a dating relationship?

Perhaps the hardest thing to do is to see yourself clearly.

Many of you downplay your really wonderful attributes, and you also become blind to your less than positive patterns in life. You get comfortable with your own bad habits.

The reason it is hard to change is we are focused on the wrong thing.

The reason relationships become so hard is we are focused on the wrong thing.

We miss the goodness that is present in a relationship because we get stuck on minor and sometimes major mistakes our partner makes and we won’t let go of the hurt.

What studies have shown us is when we focus on the good in another, we feel better. When we focus on the good in our partner, more good shows up.


“If Oprah needs to practice

gratitude, then we should too.”

Why does it work like this?

Because what you focus on expands.

When you focus on the things that don’t work, all you see is more and more of that. When you focus on the goodness, more great stuff shows up.

What can you do to create more goodness in your life and in your relationships?

Start a gratitude practice!

Even Oprah raves about the practice of gratitude, so perhaps there really is something to it.

If Oprah, who is one of the wealthiest women in the world, needs to practice gratitude, then we should probably put it on our calendars, too.

So I want to invite you to join me for a special opportunity to blast off a gratitude practice that can put you on the super highway to love – join me for Lesbian Summer Camp.

Lesbian Summer Camp is a series of three phone calls where I’m going to teach you a super-powered gratitude practice.

I’ll not only tell you what to do, but you’ll learn the whys and hows of gratitude and how it will impact your dating and relationship life in extraordinary ways.

This special, complimentary event is happening now. It’s going to up-level your summer, your happiness and your ability to find love that lasts.

To join me, click to register here.

You won’t be sorry! In three one-hour calls, you’ll have turned your ship around and have it sailing in a new direction aimed directly at love!

So gay girls, are you going to sign up for summer camp? What are you looking forward to the most?