How Senior Men Can Choose A Great Personal Scent

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How Senior Men Can Choose a Great Personal Scent

April Braswell
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One attribute of dapper men and sartorial dressers is these men wear a cologne or aftershave that makes a favorable first impression. They wear a signature scent or might even have a selection of great scents which captivate the olfactory perception of women.

Entice more of her senses with your masculine presence to increase feelings of attraction to you from her.

Your scent should touch and appeal to her nose.

I’m not talking the scent of your stick deodorant.

You might be a blue-collar guy by day, and I do want you to be consistently yourself while dating.

However, I’ve interviewed a number of blue-collar guys who still like to dress to the nines when it comes to dressing for their personal lives.

Your look might be a Brioni tie, a bolo tie or no tie whatsoever, but your whole outfit is crisp, sharp and pulled together.

Adding a splash of a personal scent can add points of powerful personal presence to the influence of your first impression.

Use cologne sparingly, a very small splash will often still be quite strong.

If you can smell your fragrance yourself, typically that indicates you are wearing too much.

Experiment first at home to get your fragrance aura to where you want it before an important first date.

That night is not the time to try out a brand new cologne on that you don’t already know how strong it is on you.

Find a fragrance that works well for you.

Quite often the more costly the cologne, the better the scent. Invest in those at a premium department, and then use it preciously.

Alternatively, the Ace brand of colognes are quite inexpensive and do very well with women.

Wearing cologne demonstrates your personal poise and self-assurance. Women always respond with increased feelings of attraction to confident men with presence.

Give yourself an extra edge for attraction by wearing a good scent. Then watch her signs of interest and attraction increase when you meet for those great first dates!

They just might lead to your having more great second dates and beyond.