How to Meet Gay Seniors

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How to Meet Gay Seniors

Brian Rzepczynski Brian Rzepczynski

Meeting gay seniors can be easy if you know how and where to look for them, and we’re here to help you do that.

Below are our top 7 ways to not only find gay men in your age range, but also find gay men who are compatible:

1. Sign Up for an Online Dating Site

The Pew Research Center says 28% of people 45-65+ have used an online dating site or app, and that number is only going to grow. This is why online dating is our #1 recommendation — the numbers are on your side. Our Top Choice — with its massive reach (the largest and most active gay user base) and proof of success (the most dates, relationships, and marriages) — is the crème de la crème of dating sites, even if it isn’t strictly for gay or older men. Another Great Option

If you’re looking for a senior-specific dating site, is a go-to in our book because it’s fast-growing and really easy to get started on.

2. Volunteer for LGBT Organizations

The important thing to remember about volunteering is you need to match your values, preferences, and life purpose to a place that stands for the same things as you. This way, you’ll surround yourself with men who share at least some semblance of your vision; that takes you one step closer to possibly finding someone who’d be a good fit.

You could offer your time to a gay youth center and become a mentor to teens coming to terms with their sexual identity. If you’re passionate about politics, volunteer for a gay politician whose views you share. Organizations and advocacy groups like The Human Rights Campaign, amfAR, and SAGE are also always looking for people to help them out.

The choices are endless — it all boils down to knowing yourself and expressing your values and passions through that venue where like-minded individuals congregate.

3. Go on a Gay Cruise

If you want to meet the guy of your dreams while in a tropical location (and who wouldn’t?), then give a gay cruise a try. Planning a trip like this does take some research and scheduling, but there are a variety of travel agencies and cruise ships that cater to the gay community and can help you out.

Check out Atlantis Events, for example, or travel to a popular gay destination like Key West and join in on their Gay Pride festivities.

Photo of a gay cruise

Use a gay-specific travel agency to book trips where you know you’ll meet a lot of men.

4. Join a Gay Health Center

Most metropolitan areas have an LGBT health center or clinic that offers a variety of support groups or recreational activities. Take a look at The Center on Halsted in Chicago to get an idea of what an LGBT health center can provide.

To find a center near you, just type into Google “gay health center” and your city (e.g., “gay health center NYC”), and you should see numerous results. Once you see one you like, you should contact them to learn more about their offerings. Most of these places will even have support groups for individuals based on age to allow for more generational commonality.

5. Move to a Gay Retirement Community

With the increased acceptance of diversity that’s occurred in our society, more and more gay retirement communities are starting to spring up around the country. These can be great places to meet other gay people in your age group for new friendships and romances.

Photo of Rainbow Vista, a gay retirement community

Do a quick search online to see if there are any gay retirement communities near you that you can live in.

Places like Rainbow Vista near Portland, Oregon or Seashore Point in Provincetown, Massachusetts are just two examples of gay retirement villages out there.

Again, if you want to find one near you, all you have to do is search Google for “gay retirement communities your area.”

6. Search for Gay Groups on is a popular and helpful social/recreational site for meeting gay singles your age and who like to take part in similar activities. Type in your zip code, any hobby or interest you may have, and the word “gay,” and you’ll see all the social groups available within your location. If there happens to be nothing available, you can be a pioneer and create your own group.

Screenshot of gay senior groups

Find gay seniors near you and who like the same activities by browsing through’s listings.

7. Hire a Gay Matchmaker

Another option would be to hire a professional gay matchmaker who can set you up with gay single seniors. Most of them have a large database of clients they can search through until they find someone who might be compatible with your particular dating wants and needs.

Final Thoughts

Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t still do the things you love and find someone to share those moments with — and the vast list above proves it. All you have to do is choose the one that best meets your lifestyle and needs and get out there. Good luck!

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