Over 50 3 Reasons Men Want You More Than Ever

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Over 50? 3 Reasons Men Want You More Than Ever

April Braswell
April Braswell Updated:
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Dating in your 50s is different than dating in your 20s and 30s.

In fact, many baby boomer men prefer dating women around their own age over single women in their 20s. My coaching clients are all searching for love with women in their age group.

There will always be a certain percentage of men in their 50s and 60s who aspire to date a woman who is much younger.

However, the majority of senior men seek a relationship with a woman who is in their age group, hence the popularity of senior dating sites tailored to fit their needs.

Here are the top three reasons boomer men think dating women over 50 rocks.

1. Women over 50 are more self-assured

By the time a woman enters her 50s, she knows who she is and who she is not. She likes herself.

The boomer woman signals her self-confidence in her body language and personal poise. Her confidence and self-assurance are part of what makes her so hot to men over 50.

She’ll wear an alluring dress and heels, but she is no slave to the latest fashion of wearing 4-inch heels when she needs to walk a mile from the parking lot to the door.

Women over 50 are more self-assured

2. Women over 50 have real relationship expectations

She’s not just looking for a husband who is only good on paper. She’s not looking for a pipe dream with a fictional sugar daddy.

She has an appreciation for what a real guy is and how he behaves. When he gets the door for her, she always thanks him. The few rare times when they are in a rush, she opens the car door for herself – no fuss, no bother.

Women over 50 have real relationship expectations

3. Women over 50 have a life

By the time she was in her 40s, her career was established. When she’s in her 50s, her career position and stature are firmly established, and she is likely mentoring younger colleagues.

She has hobbies, interests, taste and acumen that make her an enjoyable and delectable life mate. She can laugh uproariously along with him. Her own interests add on to his.

She’s not yet an unformed woman with no lasting interests of her own. Her mind, intellect and taste are part of what makes sharing life with her so rich and delightful.

Women over 50 have a life

As a single senior woman, you’ll always encounter guys who aren’t looking for a relationship and only want something physical.

But when you’re looking for a lasting relationship with a mature man, rest assured that there really are many of them out there.

Keep making the effort to meet them, and you’ll find one of the good guys and love at last.

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