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Berkeley International Elevates the Dating World for Affluent Individuals

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The Short Version: Dating internationally is no small feat. But for those with the means to hire some outside help, Berkeley International can make the process of finding a global match far more enjoyable. The agency helps successful singles find quality matches based on shared values, compatibility, and life goals.

For the men and women with no time to waste, Berkeley International offers an exclusive, intimate matchmaking experience designed with elite professionals in mind. 

Whether he’s headed from New York to London or laying over between Houston and Hong Kong, his downtime is punctuated by urgent client calls or demanding assignments. He barely has the time to grab a bite to eat, much less the time to share that bite with someone special – or to find her in the first place. 

She’s a high-powered woman who’s always saying yes to networking with new people, but she doesn’t feel like the galas or coffee chats have led her to the one. She thrives on travel, but is starting to wonder whether there’s someone out there who could feel like home. 

Individuals with elevated lifestyles are the type of members you’ll find at the London-based dating agency, which selects similarly minded partners and arranges quality dates to make finding the right relationship a hassle-free process.

Mairead Molloy, a practicing psychologist, relationship therapist and Global Managing Director of Berkeley International, is at the heart of Berkeley International’s operations and possesses a deep knowledge of the company’s clientele and their needs.

“A lot of high net worth people are traveling for work all the time. When somebody takes a global membership, they might be in New York City for three months, or in California, or London. Wherever they are, they can use the service,” said Mairead.

The company boasts a 75% global success rate, and membership has grown by 35% in the past year, making now the perfect time to become a member and discover how Berkeley International can introduce you to successful singles without sacrificing a luxury experience.

“Everything is about personal service and communication,” continued Mairead. “Each person is hand-picked for you – it’s like concierge dating.” 

Communications-Tailored Concierge Matchmaking

At Berkeley International, the process begins with an informal discussion about dating aspirations, hobbies, and values, with all inquiries handled in complete confidence. The company then connects the client with an experienced matchmaker, who can provide further dating consultancy and customized advice before arranging introductions. 

“If we’re going to introduce you to somebody, we’ll say, ‘We’ve just sent you some information–whenever you’re ready, pick up the phone and we can have a conversation about them,” said Mairead, emphasizing the importance of one-on-one service.

“I would send you his profile and photograph, and then we would book a call to talk to you so you can ask all the questions. When each party agrees, we exchange numbers.” 

Hand-selecting potential partners requires great skill, and Mairead’s extensive experience in relationship therapy and relationship strategy allows her to offer unique insight on what professionals are truly seeking.

berkeley international matchmaking
Berkeley International matchmaking meets the unique needs of global clients.

Berkeley International’s membership is composed of lawyers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, aristocrats and actors, and the dating agency sees great success in pairing similarly minded individuals. “So many times, our success rate is higher for our global clients. You get so much more adept with so many more people to meet, because you’re traveling so much,” said Mairead.

Berkeley International matchmakers also remain connected with members through every step of the process. “When you join, you’re on our first line of communications – telephone, WhatsApp Video, FaceTime. Everything about us is face-to-face and about getting to know you,” said Mairead.

“In an agency that isn’t as service-tailored or communications-tailored, I imagine what they would do is just send the profile and say, ‘There you go, this is your date for this month.’ There wouldn’t be service. The big difference here is that we have coaches that can talk you through the dates, what to wear, how to dress–we arrange the date for you.”

Expanding Worldwide for a Global Clientele

Berkeley International is headquartered in London, with additional operations internationally in major cities including Cannes, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Geneva, Milan, Monaco, Malta, Warsaw, Hong Kong, Melbourne, New York and Los Angeles. A Kenya office is slated to open in June, marking Berkeley International as one of the first agencies of its kind to open in Africa.

The company offers country-specific, European and Global agency memberships. For members, this means having access to an in-depth, exclusive list of like-minded people, without limits.

berkeley international matchmaking
The service’s database spans countries and continents.

“We have a huge database of clients–over 10,000 globally. With offices all over the world, most people meet people from our existing membership list, which is quite vast,” Mairead said. 

However, the process is always customizable and focused on finding the best fit – wherever members may be. Mairead and her team are happy to conduct additional research as needed.

“We also offer Executive Private Search, meaning you are looking for a specific person in a specific location. This is where we excel and use our vast network and networking to find you your perfect person,” explained Mairead. 

Helping Clients Stop Swiping

Berkeley International emphasizes the real people behind the profiles. In a society where over 300 million people worldwide are using dating apps, it’s easy to make quick judgments based on low-quality profiles. “In Internet dating, the swipe culture means you can swipe through 50 guys in one evening. It’s just not human…A profile only gives you a snapshot of somebody’s life,” commented Mairead. 

Mairead’s answer to the question of getting past “swipe culture” is simple: talking. Given the company’s focus on the human connection at every step of the dating process, it’s clear that communication is key.

“There’s a shift: People are tired of the online, and they’re coming back to talking. If there’s any miscommunication or boundaries that aren’t set, it won’t work. But so long as you get all that right from the beginning, and you talk about it, it can work beautifully,” she continued. 

berkeley international matchmakers
Berkeley International matchmakers help their clients approach matchmaking intentionally.

Mairead is correct: Berkeley International’s member testimonials offer proven results, showing that the service does work beautifully for successful singles: “I had cause to use the services of this company and I have to say that it was most efficient, professional and cordial in all respects. The result: happiness. I cannot recommend them enough,” shared an anonymous member from Monaco. 

In London, one satisfied member wrote, “Thank you so much to all the team at Berkeley for making my membership such an easy and enjoyable experience. You have introduced me to someone who I am now in a relationship with and I hope he is “the one.” 

And as Luxurious Magazine puts it, “Mairead Molloy is internationally renowned for playing cupid to singletons. These are not just any singletons, but some of the world’s most rich and famous. Berkeley International is one of the most exclusive introduction agencies in Europe.”

By getting to know agency members as people with interests, passions, and dreams, Berkeley International has established itself as the best option for professionals who want to go beyond the grainy photos. For those jet-set individuals who have it all, love and relationships are just as worth investing in. 

If you find yourself feeling like you don’t have the time or energy to breathe between flights or locate someone special, Berkeley International can do the legwork to connect you with a partner who understands. With customized recommendations from a staff of attentive and experienced team members, your perfect person could be just a flight away.