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DateSpot Founder Carla Swiryn is Making Matchmaking Accessible 

Jules Chen

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The Short Version: DateSpot is working to create couples that last. The company’s unique premise allows singles to connect for free with partner matchmakers hoping to pair their clients. DateSpot founder and CEO Carla Swiryn has 10 years of experience in marketing, tech, and client service as well as six years in the professional matchmaking world. She shares her insights on the service’s features and how to personally prepare yourself to use them.

Matchmaking service DateSpot was founded in 2019 after Carla Swiryn recognized a gap in the dating market: Why isn’t there a database of singles that matchmakers can use to find matches for their clients, one that singles can benefit from at no cost, too? 

The resulting concept allows singles to sign up for free as “candidates,” who become part of the potential partner pool for the 100-plus matchmaking companies hosted on DateSpot. Matchmakers can then select candidates to connect with their relationship-oriented clients. 

In a world saturated with paid apps, pricey matchmaking services, and expensive first dates that all too often feel like they’re going nowhere, the enduring mission behind DateSpot remains simple. “Not only can we do matchmaking,” said Carla, “but we can do it a lot better, for a lot less money.”

If you’re tired of the endless swiping and ready to put your love life in the hands of experienced professionals, read on to learn more about how DateSpot is making high-quality matches easy for everyone to access. 

How It Works: Costs, Clients, and Candidates

The matchmaking industry can be prohibitively expensive. In 2023, Carla shared on the DateSpot blog that the vast majority of matchmaking companies do not offer dedicated service for less than $5,000, and many start around $10,000–while the largest and most prestigious companies charge over $25,000.

Carla Swiryn
Carla Swiryn is the founder and CEO of DateSpot.

DateSpot answers this need for affordability. Its free option offers singles the opportunity to meet the paying clients of partner matchmakers and DateSpot members. 

As a candidate, you don’t pay anything–ever! “There are a lot of people out there who just don’t want to pay, or at least not right away. But they could be an excellent match for a client and we’d be doing that client a disservice by not allowing them to meet. So I love the fact that we have a free route,” said Carla.

As a DateSpot candidate, Carla explained, you are not getting a proactive search for you like the clients get, and you can only meet certain people, so any match options are few and far between.

However, DateSpot is proud to offer ample choices to its users. There are additional pay-per-match options for clients who want more out of their experience. 

If finding love is a priority in life, or you want the best chance of success, you can get proactive as a client with nothing to pay upfront. Pay-per-match provides more flexibility than traditional matchmaking companies, which lock you into a lengthy contract where you don’t know who or what you’re going to get. 

“About 15% of our database are clients,” shared Carla. “Clients can meet anyone. Candidates can only meet clients. So, of course, being a client is a totally different ballgame.”

“Unlike traditional matchmaking companies, we don’t have lengthy contracts. You can opt in and opt out anytime,” continued Carla. “There’s no risk, and there’s no upfront cost.” Under the pay-per-match model, you only pay when there’s a mutual desire to meet. 

DateSpot offers a simple and transparent matchmaking process.

Clients receive top-tier service from the company’s affiliated matchmakers. “For example, if there’s a Christian client who really wants someone Christian, we have Christian matchmaking partners. We aim to strategically customize each person’s search.” 

For these clients, Carla encourages a deep-dive video call priced at $195. “We’ll get to know you, see you live, review your photos, clarify the search, and just match you better because we’re getting a sense of your personality.”

But even that is not required. “If someone just says, ‘I absolutely don’t want to do that,’ it’s fine. It’s no risk! From there, we create a shareable profile for you,” said Carla. The team takes pride in taking the legwork out of your dating life. 

“We identify candidates within the database, and then if we’ve kind of exhausted those options, we can reach out to partner matchmakers to see who might be the best fit for you.”

The entire process is conducted in private and curated from start to finish, with the focus always remaining on quality, not quantity. “We don’t guarantee a certain number of matches,” said Carla. “Quotas can lead to bad matching and not actual, true matches.” 

Define Priorities Before DateSpot, But Stay Open-Minded

Sound amazing so far? Make sure you have your wants and needs clearly defined before jumping in and creating your account. Without getting to know yourself, it’s impossible to understand others. 

“My advice is to figure out what your dealbreakers are. But, in practice, most people marry and end up with someone who is a little different–or even vastly different–than what they originally imagined,” said Carla.

Your dream partner probably isn’t perfect on paper, and staying receptive to the realm of possibilities is as important as your original priorities. 

matchmaking open minded
Carla encouraged matchmaking clients to stay open to unexpected connections.

“Be as open as possible. Maybe you make $200,000 a year and you want someone who makes equal or more because you want stability, a beautiful home. Those are all wonderful things, but what’s really important?” asked Carla.

With your priorities defined, you can go from there. “If you were thinking that you want to be with someone who makes half a million or more, maybe you could also be open to someone who makes a little bit less than you, but is still really passionate about his career.”

Getting the Perfect Profile

If DateSpot is starting to sound like the right place for you, Carla has tips for how to stand out from the crowd. And DateSpot’s profile requirements make it easy to set yourself up for success from the get-go.

“Pay more attention,” said Carla. “One or two is not enough! With DateSpot, we always share at least four in a profile. We believe it’s very important for the photos to be representative, varied, and recent.”

A successful dating profile is never one-dimensional. If your profile features five selfies all taken from the same angle, it’s time to rethink your strategy. 

Most people don’t have an ideal photo set and should rethink their visual strategy. There should be a variety of clothes, angles (including close-ups and full-figure shots), colors, backgrounds, and facial expressions (always include a big smiling shot to show someone doesn’t need to work hard to make you happy).

Ideally, you should be highlighting your hobbies and interests alongside those cute solo shots, too–in different settings or situations, if possible. 

“We want to see you in different lights to show how interesting you are,” said Carla. “Everyone is multifaceted.” 

The DateSpot team’s goal with your profile is to share a lot of info that would take singles months or even years to uncover, saving everyone precious time in getting to a compatible partner.

During a deep-dive video call, a DateSpot Matchmaker will provide honest feedback about your profile photos, as well as ask you some next-level questions and get to know you better to suggest the best people.

“We can really help you understand. Do you need a good lifestyle shot? Do you have a full figure shot? Are these photos too old?” Whatever the question, DateSpot comes prepared to help.

Start Your Own Success Story Today

The statistics don’t lie: DateSpot users see success. 

“Eighty-seven percent of our members are either open to a second date, or very interested in a second date–meaning that only 13% of people who go on a DateSpot date with members say, ‘No, I don’t want to meet that person again.’ I think that’s pretty exceptional,” said Carla.

Datespot has a very high rate of second and third dates.

The fact that they share profiles with photos both ways and a date only occurs when both people are interested means a higher satisfaction and success rate than companies that do blind dates, and the high success rate speaks to their attention to making a super aligned pairing.

Since DateSpot launched, members have already celebrated milestones, including several marriages. 

“We’re proud of our success stories. We have one sweet little DateSpot baby who’s already been born. A different couple is also due to have a baby girl soon,” said Carla.

Cost should never prohibit anyone from finding the love they’re worthy of. And the option to pursue more personalized service should also remain available for those who want it. 

With DateSpot, you have the freedom to choose–and your matches are waiting for you. Visit DateSpot today to opt in as a client for dedicated matchmaking, or even start with the passive free Candidate route. With no cost upfront, and not paying until there’s mutual interest in meeting, what do you have to lose?