Beyond Ages Offers Expert Advice To Woo Women Over 30

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Beyond Ages™ Provides Expert Advice to Help Men Woo Women Over 30

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Many dating platforms and advice sites are geared toward finding younger partners, but not every man wants to date a woman in her 20s. The folks at Beyond Ages understand that, so they’ve created a blog that offers articles, videos, and courses for men interested in pursuing women over 30. The team believes that more mature women don’t respond to gimmicks and tricks that some advice sites promote. That’s why Beyond Ages provides practical tips on dating, grooming, and sex that can help men attract the partners they desire. 

Women often find the dating scene in their 30s and 40s far different than it was in their 20s. For one, the dating pool is smaller, as many people are married or in long-term relationships by their late 20s.

And daters over 30 may be more interested in commitment than playing the field as they did in their younger years. That means they could lose interest in dating sites or apps that seem oriented to hookups.

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Beyond Ages helps men who want to attract more mature women.

James Anderson, Dating Expert at Beyond Ages, understands what it takes to appeal to women over 30 and provides no-nonsense advice to thousands of men through the blog.

James and his team designed a system that helps men learn how to appeal to single, attractive women in their 30s and beyond. Rather than trying the same kind of moves they used early in their dating lives, men can learn how to attract women through authenticity.

Beyond Ages’ methods truly work because the experts behind the site know women. They developed Beyond Ages after talking with their own circle of female friends and clients. The site conveys their advice through articles, a YouTube channel, and an intensive dating course.

Articles, Reviews & Other Content for Struggling Singles

Beyond Ages caters to men around the world who find their advances rebuffed by older women. Sometimes, these men were successful with women in their 20s, but find that the same methods don’t work with women who know what they want.

“Our primary audience is single men 18 to 40 who are looking for a little boost to their dating lives. They tend to be curious and open to trying new ideas,” said James.

The Beyond Ages team is made up of a diverse array of dating experts who understand the experiences of men and women of different ages, ethnicities, and educational backgrounds. One article might be written by a man who offers methods to attract women, while another video may feature a clinical sexologist.

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Beyond Ages’ articles provide tips on everything from texting a woman after a date to getting intimate in the bedroom.

“What unites us all is a passion for helping men improve their dating lives and providing unique expertise on various aspects of dating. We work very hard to find people who are both experts in their field and can convey their knowledge in an engaging way,” James said.

Beyond Ages maintains an authentic relationship with its users because of the diversity of its contributors and content.

Some advice sites encourage men to completely change themselves to attract women, but Beyond Ages takes a different approach. The site’s advice focuses on helping men remain true to themselves while making a few tweaks. Recent blog post topics include: “How To Make Someone Fall Back In Love With You (7 Critical Steps)” and “How To Get The Girl You Want (Without Being Amazingly Handsome).”

How to Understand Women & Attraction

James and his team also wanted to avoid providing men with just “tips and tricks” like other sites. That’s why Beyond Ages conveys strategies for attracting women, not gimmicks.

“We focus on proven advice from experienced experts that don’t rely on tricks or situational techniques,” James said.

Beyond Ages guides men through the stages of attracting an older woman — from looking their best on a first date to creating a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.

The website can help men understand why they might not have a girlfriend and suggest that they keep in mind their own issues with self-love. Its blog also strives to help guys remedy their self-confidence issues with advice on improving personal appearance.

Once daters are confident enough to ask a woman out, Beyond Ages has advice on how to ensure a date goes smoothly. Vlogger Melanie discusses tips for a first date, including talking to women about your passions. When a date is successful, men can read Beyond Ages for advice on “How To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom.”

Part of the site’s mission is ensuring its advice works for all types of men, too. With so much misinformation about love and relationships available, Beyond Ages wants to cut through the clutter so that guys can effectively find the partners they seek.

“There’s a lot of bad advice out there, and it can be hard to tell what is what,” said James. “We strive to only give proven advice that is applicable to a wide variety of men.”

Beyond Ages Offers More Guidance Through Courses & Videos

Part of Beyond Ages’ appeal is that it uses a variety of media to convey its content. If a single man prefers to read through methods and strategies, he can turn to the blog for advice. If he’d rather listen or watch someone guide him, he can watch one of the videos.

“We’ve recently started a popular channel on YouTube that has been getting very positive responses,” James said.

For men who want to learn everything Beyond Ages has to offer, James recommends the comprehensive course, Dating Women Over 30 With Confidence And Massive Success. The course provides 13 modules of content, a workbook with exercises and checklists, and a guide to sexual communication via text.

“This is a step-by-step video series that takes men from initial attraction on a first date and answers all the questions along the way,” James said.

If men taking the course want to learn something that isn’t expressly covered, they can browse the site’s other content for more information.

“This course has helped me rediscover myself as well as learn a lot of new things. I never thought during this time my life would change so much and that I’d meet an incredible girl and some new friends in my work and personal life. You’re never too old to learn new things,” said a student of the course in an online testimonial.

Though Beyond Ages has already created a considerable amount of content, the site’s responsiveness to user needs keeps the team motivated.

“In the future, we will continue to listen to our audience and craft quality content that helps them achieve maximum success in their dating lives,” James said.