Breakup Coach Lee Wilson Helps Singles Win Back Their Ex

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Breakup Coach Lee Wilson Teaches Singles How to Win Back Their Ex

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The Short Version: When a couple breaks up, it’s common for at least one person to want to return to the relationship. Breakup Coach Lee Wilson can help those people navigate the aftermath and work to rekindle the bond. He teaches them to focus on mending breakups and understand their ex and what went wrong in a past relationship. Lee uses his in-depth training and education to heal wounds for men and women hurt in love.

The days and weeks after a breakup can be a difficult time filled with misunderstanding and hurt. During those trying times, Relationship Expert and Breakup Coach Lee Wilson offers practical advice to help people win back their love and heal their hearts.

Lee is a highly respected scholar on love, relationships, and breakups. He has lectured at several universities, including Pepperdine University, and is a verified expert. Lee also received his certifications in Family Dynamics and His Needs/Her Needs.

Photo of Lee Wilson
Breakup Coach Lee Wilson teaches clients strategies to get their ex back.

From 2000 to 2019, he mentored under one of the world’s leading scholars on human sexuality and relationship dynamics. In 2011, he co-founded a nonprofit agency that worked to save marriages from divorce before it was too late. Next he began taking private clients and sharing his wisdom through his YouTube channel. Lee created online resources to share his strategies to help people get back with their exes.

Today, he works with married and unmarried couples ready to stop hurting. He’s known for his straightforward advice that changes mindsets and gets results. That can be a powerful support system for someone going through one of the most challenging times in their lives. Lee’s wisdom comes from his training and his years of firsthand experience.

“Military testing placed Lee in the top one percentile in pattern recognition and decoding speed,” reads a post about Lee on his website. “That gift helps him identify situations, solutions, and often to project outcomes with startling accuracy.”

People of All Backgrounds Seek His Advice

Lee said all information he receives from clients is strictly confidential, as the men and women who book a call with him are often in a vulnerable state. Still, most of the people who turn to him for advice are professionals in some of the top fields in the world. He’s worked with psychotherapists, neurosurgeons, counselors, celebrities, professional athletes, musicians, and college students.

His clients all have a deep desire to rekindle lost love and find a way to improve their broken relationships. If that’s impossible, Lee helps his clients find a passionate and loving romantic partner to provide what their ex could not.

One of his most popular programs is the online Emergency Breakup Kit, which starts with a focused look at how to win back either a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Screenshot of Lee Wilson's Emergency Breakup Kits
Lee Wilson offers online Emergency Breakup Kits for both men and women.

“I know that you are feeling shock, sorrow, betrayal, and anxiety,” he writes to his clients. “I can tell you that I have also felt the loss and panic that you are experiencing right now because of this breakup. I know what it’s like to cry yourself to sleep, believing you have lost everything.”

Lee tells people that it’s possible to recover from that hurt and win an ex back using his proven strategies. To be clear, these aren’t mind games. They are relationship skills, he said.

Lee’s online course teaches vulnerable singles what it takes to make an ex miss them to the point of wanting to reconcile. Then, he shows his clients that it’s possible to convince the ex that they’re perfect together and convince them that the relationship is worth fighting for.

Practical Tips for Overcoming a Breakup

Lee said it takes three steps to create a new dynamic in place of the dysfunctional one that led to the breakup. The first is for singles to get past the barriers their ex has built to keep them out.

“At the moment, he’s suspicious that you will try to get him back and is likely avoiding you,” he wrote to women. “He doesn’t want to talk or see you in person because he doesn’t want to hear you trying to talk him into getting back together.”

The key is to avoid contact, among other techniques. Then, it’s necessary to revive the attraction that each person felt at the beginning of the relationship. That doesn’t just mean physical attraction. Lee teaches his clients the importance of recreating the intellectual, emotional, and even spiritual compatibility that initially drew them together.

Third, Lee shows clients how to eliminate negative memories that an ex likely harbors. It’s a daunting task, but it’s possible.

“I’ve done the extremely hard part already by gaining the advantage of nearly two decades of working with broken relationships,” he said. “I’ve worked directly with thousands of women in the midst of a breakup to get back with the man they love.”

Of course, his methods work for men, too. He provides targeted advice for each gender, and his concepts include when to leave the person alone and when not to trust instincts that won’t lead to reconciliation.

Coach Lee Wilson: Healing Hearts by Rekindling Relationships

Lee’s advice for married couples differs slightly, so he created a separate online program called the Emergency Marriage Kit. It’s also different for people in relationships with a sizable age gap.

“In my 20 years of relationship and marriage coaching, I’ve recently seen age gaps become more common again,” Lee said. “Although the relationships tend to be strong, it’s the disapproval of parents and loved ones that cause stress.”

Emergency Marriage Kit logo
The Emergency Marriage Kit can help couples salvage their relationships.

Newly single people can sign up for his online programs, book a call, or check out his YouTube channel, which offers plenty of good advice. One common question is whether it’s a good idea to be friends with an ex as a method to get them back. Lee doesn’t see much hope in that strategy.

“This has been going on for as long as there’s been romantic love,” Lee said. “A romantic relationship is different than friendship. Most of the time, they’re just saying that to be nice. They’re trying to soften the blow.”

Lee suggests not accepting a friendship if you want the romantic relationship to continue. He calls it a low ball offer, and tells his clients they are better than that. He shares methods for communicating with dignity and effectiveness and helps people create strategies to pave a path back to romance.

Another strategy Lee advocates is the No Contact Rule. It tends to go against people’s instincts to win back the affections of someone who’s just broken it off. But that’s the point, Lee said. Giving a person time provides them an opportunity to miss the good times and try again.