Chapter 2 Empowers Singles Who Have Lost A Spouse

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Dating App Chapter 2 Empowers & Connects Individuals Who Have Lost a Spouse

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The Short Version: Dating after losing a spouse can be a challenging experience, but dating and community app Chapter 2 is making it a little easier. The app was founded by Nicky Wake, who lost her husband in 2020. After finding the online dating options for widows to be nonexistent, Nicky created Chapter 2 to give widows an online platform where they can connect with other people who understand what it’s like to experience the death of a spouse. Despite its challenges, dating after the death of a spouse can be an empowering experience. 

According to the Census Bureau, out of all U.S. adults over the age of 75 who have ever been married, 58% of women and 28% of men have experienced the death of a spouse in their lifetime. Losing a spouse affects older populations at a higher rate than younger ones, but losing a spouse can happen at any age.

Many senior dating sites and apps are familiar to users who have lost a spouse, but younger widows and widowers may have more difficulty with online dating. Many other dating app users may not understand the unique experiences and perspectives of a person who has lost a spouse and is trying to get back into dating.

That’s where Chapter 2 comes in. Chapter 2 is a community, resource, and dating app founded by Nicky Wake. When Nicky decided to get back into dating after her husband died, she found the online dating scene to be nearly inhospitable for singles who have lost a spouse.

Nicky created an online platform where widows and widowers could connect for community, dating, and more.

“After some of the world’s most disastrous dates, I thought to myself that there must be a dating app for widows,” Nicky said. “I thought it was natural because we’re uniquely placed to understand each other, but I just couldn’t find anything.”

The Combo Community & Dating App Built by Widows

Nicky said that once she was emotionally ready to start dating again, it didn’t seem the online dating pool was reflecting what she was looking for. “After you get over the initial grief and shock, I felt like I was too young to spend the rest of my life alone,” she said. “So I decided to get back out there, and try the online dating thing.”

The online dating scene felt like the Wild West to Nicky, and she went on a few disappointing dates that led nowhere. Dating after the death of a spouse is difficult for layers of reasons, and Nicky was particularly aware of those difficulties during her first online dating experience.

chapter 2 widow dating app
Dating after the death of a spouse has many challenges. Chapter 2 is making the process simpler.

“You know, if you walk into my house, it’s full of pictures of my late husband,” Nicky said. “My house is full of memories of my husband, my heart is full of memories, my head is full of conversations I’ve had with and about him. It takes a big person to deal with that.”

Dating after spousal loss requires a kind of balancing. Widows and widowers will always love, honor, and miss their late spouse, yet this doesn’t mean there is no room in their hearts or minds for a new love. 

Nicky realized that singles who have lost spouses understand each other in ways others can’t, and her idea for Chapter 2 was born. “I went online, I checked the App Store, I checked Google Play, and I couldn’t find anything for widows,” she said. “I wanted to create something authentic.”

Finding Connection Through Grief

Chapter 2 has robust dating features, but Nicky designed it to do so much more. In addition to dating, widows can find support and resources as they navigate the loss of their spouse, plus community-building and organizing features.

Chapter 2 is currently available in the United Kingdom, and Nicky said they’re rolling out the prerelease for United States users. The app works similarly to other dating or community apps and allows users to create a personalized profile.

chapter 2 dating app
Chapter 2 was designed to connect widows with community, resources, and dates.

Users can set search filters and browse profiles. Chapter 2’s dating model is focused on authenticity, so users are encouraged to be honest from the get-go. Users should put information on their profile about what they’re looking for in a relationship, along with as much as they’re comfortable sharing about their past dating experiences.

Once users match, they can chat and begin to make connections. Chapter 2’s community forums include posts about a variety of topics, such as dating, and losing a spouse, among other subjects. Users can go to the forum to share their feelings or find posts from others in similar situations.

Chapter 2 Offers Forums, Blogs, and More

Chapter 2 is open to all singles who have lost a spouse and welcomes LGBTQ+ individuals. Chapter 2 uses the term “widow” to describe any person who has lost a spouse, regardless of gender identity. 

Online dating can be a difficult world to navigate. Nicky said she wanted Chapter 2 to be equally robust and simple to use, blending the perfect mix of extensive features and a user-friendly interface. Every detail of Chapter 2 was designed to make the dating process easier for singles who have lost a spouse.

Chapter 2 app
Chapter 2 has extensive resources for widows.

Chapter 2 offers a simplified avenue for singles who are ready to try out new connections. Getting back into dating after losing a spouse comes with challenges, and Nicky said it’s incredibly helpful to be surrounded by a community that understands the struggle.

“Chapter 2 can bring you whatever you’re looking for,” Nicky said. It can be many things. It can be a relationship, a friendship, or companionship—it’s about stepping back out there and seeing what’s possible.”