How To Get A Girl To Like You

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How to Get a Girl to Like You

Kara Pound
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Rule number one, if you want a girl to like you, then please disregard everything you thought worked in elementary school. Don’t throw sand at her, don’t drop a worm down her shirt, and don’t be a complete jerk. If you’re looking to attract a woman with substance, then be a “normal” human being.

Most women appreciate thoughtfulness, right? So put yourself in her shoes — not literally, but figuratively — and think about what would grab her attention. It could be as simple as flowers, chocolate and a nice dinner or as unique as a raw food restaurant, vintage purse and horror flick double feature. Don’t just do the things you read in magazines or what your friends tell you. Give it some thought. As in, I can’t tell you exactly what to do because I don’t know you and I don’t know her. Sorry to say this, but it’s up to you to figure out what’s going to work. Of course, you can follow a few guidelines to help you along the way, such as:

1. Be anticipatory.

Say she’s a co-worker and casually mentions to you that her grandma is in a nursing home, and she goes to visit her every Wednesday after work. Bring her a bag of goodies to bring her Nanny like a Sudoku book, muffins and Twizzlers, and say, “Hey, every time you talk about your grandma, it makes me miss mine who passed a few years ago. Here are some things you can bring to yours when you go visit tonight.” You’re in like gold.

2. Listen.

Maybe it’s the barista at your local coffee shop that you’re really digging, and she’s always cute and bubbly when you go in at seven in the morning. Except one particular day she looks totally frazzled and tells you that her dog’s been sick, and since she just moved to town, she doesn’t know where to take it. Ask all of your friends with pets the name of their vet, and present her the next day with a comprehensive list of the best veterinarians in town. She will be swooning.

3. Be thoughtful.

Please see numbers one and two, and remember that most women love a thoughtful guy. Say she’s a friend of a friend and the two of you find yourselves in the same social circle. One night, you’re out at a bar and she is down because she just got laid off. Tell her, “That sucks. You’re a smartass woman and will find a new job in no time. But for now, let me buy your drinks for the night and let’s play some pool.” She will love how generous and thoughtful you are.

Whether it’s the girl next door, a barista at your local coffee shop, a co-worker, or your mom’s best friend’s daughter you’re falling for, if you are anticipatory, thoughtful and a good listener, you’re on your way to a first of many dates.