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Passions Network: 260+ Interest-Specific Sites Where Singles Can Create a Customized Online Dating Network Based on What They Love

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Two people who share similar interests are more likely to bond. That’s a no-brainer, right? But, in today’s massive online dating world, zeroing in on a match who enjoys the same activities as you can be difficult. Luckily, Passions Network has mastered the science of connecting like-minded singles. One login gives members access to more than 260 unique niche dating websites centered around their enthusiasm for a particular topic. With hundreds of subjects from which to choose — astrology to gaming to bisexual interests and swinging relationships — Passions Network’s 3 million users are forming relationships on the foundations of what matters most to them.

Most of us have heard stories about couples who’ve broken up because they didn’t have much in common. She couldn’t fathom why he needed an hour of video games each night, and he didn’t understand how she could invest so much time following current politics. Eventually, their opposing interests pulled them apart as they spent more nights alone doing their own things.

According to psychologist Elliot D. Cohen, PhD, couples don’t need to share every interest under the sun. However, discovering some mutually held passions is integral to nurturing their relationships. He used music as an example.

“A couple who has a common passion for music and can find common ground on the genre can increase compatibility through engaging in music-related activities,” he wrote in an article.

Fellow music lovers can then bond by going to concerts, listening to records, or even playing instruments together.

For online daters tired of playing the odds on whether a potential match might hold the same interests, Passions Network delivers a platform to connect them with like-minded singles for friendship, dates, and relationships. By creating a profile on Passions Network, you gain access to more than 260 niche dating websites. So whether you’re looking to meet someone who loves video games as much as you or a companion to accompany you to a political committee meeting, Passions Network can bring you together with the right person.

“When people join the network, they define who they are as a person by relaying their ethnicity, gender, orientation, and interests,” said Michael Carter, President of Passions Network. “The system then recommends sites within our network that might be a fit for them.”

One Network With Many Channels to Locate the Right Match

Passions Network offers a different approach to online dating. You’re not stuck sifting through endless profiles in search of someone who wants to talk about the latest post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel. By joining, you know everyone is interested in discussing “The Zombie Survival Guide.”

There’s truly something for every type of dater on the network. Those who enjoy a good marathon can sign up for and bond with others over their love of running. Even pirate aficionados can find like-minded rumrunners to engage in flirty talk about parrots and sailing the seven seas.

Within each of the network’s sites, members have a variety of ways to communicate. Some prefer using webcams, while others like to kick it old school with chat. They can send a virtual kiss or gift as well to let them know they’re interested.

Passions Network also makes everything confidential, so the information you provide is the only information others receive. Email is done within the site, so your private address is never shown. In short, your information and identity are protected even though you have access to hundreds of sites.

“There’s really no other network like Passions Network,” Michael said. “Passions is unique in that members can add sites within the network that match their passions in life. It’s kind of like building your own à la carte menu for online dating.”

Create a Profile and Connect With Like-Minded Daters in Your Niche

As soon as you create your account on Passions Network, you immediately gain entry into all the network’s sites. So, if you’re interested in more than just punk rock music, you can also search for other singles who love listening to, say, Beethoven. And it all happens from one profile and one login.

In addition to interests, the network allows members to join sites based on location. For example, if you live in Minnesota, you can activate your profile on the Minnesota site. And, if you’ve added your profile on the yoga site, you may find overlaps with users from your state who love to meditate and stretch. If anyone looks like a fit, you can keep track of them in your Favorites and Friends list.

“If you’re Native American, drive a truck, and are into video games, the system automatically suggests sites compatible with your interests — in this case, Native American Passions, Trucker Passions, and Gaming Passions,” Michael said. “Your basic info is shared across sites, but the individual sites allow you to tailor your profile according to the topic.”

Michael used Native American Passions as an example. Members of this group are given the opportunity to include information on tribe and background, among other data, to help better personalize their profiles.

Passions Network also allows users to join groups. Here, members can connect with people who are passionate about one specific topic or dating preference. For instance, if you’re looking for something on the down-low, check out the Something Discreet group. Conversely, you can join the Marriage-Minded group if you’re seeking commitment.

3 Million+ Members Looking to Bond Over Shared Interests

Michael said most singles can find a Passions Network site that caters to their interests — whether they’re searching by state, relationship status, or hobby. The proof is in the fact that the network has more than 3 million members and counting.

“Whatever site you become a part of, no matter if it focuses on video games or movies, you’re surrounded by people who get you,” he said. “That’s the point of the entire network. The underlying concept behind the network is that it should be easier to break the ice if you have something in common.”

For example, book connoisseurs can finally spend the weekend reading without apologies when they meet like-minded enthusiasts on Here, members swap favorite stories and find love on the other side of the page. Many members of this site often meet up to discuss the latest news or upcoming releases.

On, Halloween junkies can find haunted house, pumpkin carving, and scary movie watching buddies.

If you’re looking for a little more enlightenment, visit This site welcomes people interested in Buddhist theology, meditation, and tai chi.

Thousands of Happy Couples Have Passions Network to Thank

Among Passions Network’s thousands of success stories, one of Michael’s favorites is a story he stumbled upon accidentally. Browsing through his Google Alerts, he came across a gorgeous photo spread of a just-married couple with a passion for tattoos. After doing a little research, he learned this ink-loving couple actually met on, one of the network’s sites.

“That one was a very nice surprise,” he said. “I’ve gotten messages from people saying they’ve met on one of our sites, and it makes me feel good to be making a difference in their lives.”

It’s success stories like these that let Michael know Passions Network is fulfilling its mission of connecting individuals who might not have found each other otherwise.

Passions Network provides a unique place for singles to come together based on their interests. With Passions Network, you can actually meet the Minnesota-based, pirate-loving gamer you’ve always been looking for.