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Dating Profile Advice From Online Dating Photographer German Marin Might Surprise You

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The Short Version: Whether you realize it or not, most people choose to click on your online dating profile because of your pictures. So what is the reason someone will swipe left versus right? According to professional online dating photographer German Marin, if your profile does not have three necessary photos that demonstrate your personality in ways words can’t, the chances of finding your “right person” go down tenfold. German’s approach toward authentically representing your personality in photos builds not only an exterior confidence, but an internal self assurance that will guide you throughout your online dating journey. 

The online dating world can be overwhelming. It’s like a nonstop job interview as you choose which dating apps to use, whose profile to swipe left on, and how to show the world who you are without seeming desperate.. All that hard work calls for more than selfies as profile photos. 

German Marin is an online dating photographer who “enjoys bringing your personality to life.” German said his clients get 10 times more clicks on their photos just by mastering the art of first impressions.

So how can you differentiate yourself from the millions of other fish in the sea? We talked to German and learned that it takes more than just a few attractive photos to close the deal with your perfect mate.

Bringing to life in a still, digital photo all the qualities that make you the distinctive individual that you are  is a challenge. This is the art that inspired German to help singles unleash their online dating profile potential. Figuring out who the right person is for you comes down to much more than what meets the eye. 

Serious online daters want to know about your values, character, and energy, all of which are critical parts of the process of finding your true love. Just glancing at a few photos can provide a taste of all that and more. German cracked the code on how to perfect this.

So before you get discouraged and close the app, check out some of the advice that could potentially lead you to your dream partner and avoid being swiped left on.

How Do You Attract the “Right” Person Online?

How do you make a first impression that screams “date me!” when there are millions of other singles in the pool of potential partners? For starters, consider who you want to be attracted to in your love life and what would make them stand out to you in an online profile. Obviously, you would want to get a basic idea of what they look like. 

High-quality, clear photos of someone’s face and body is the first solid perception you have of a stranger when checking out their profile. When carefully viewing the rest of their account, you may stumble across a photo of them doing something they genuinely like or smiling because they are at a happy point in their life. 

german marin
German captures online daters at their bests.

Maybe they are introverted, something you can guess by their semi-shy smile. These subtle, yet powerful clues about someone’s personality can help you gauge your potential compatibility with them.

As you continue to peruse their profile, you may find photos of them doing things they love, like hiking in the mountains or sipping their favorite coffee. These sneak peeks into their life hint at their everyday life and passions.

Does your dating profile check these boxes? German has a thing or two to say about how to convert your basic profile into a representation of your life, something a stranger can connect with and hopefully kick-start your dating adventure.

The Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Online Dating Photos

Let’s get down to the basics. German offered specific must-haves to create  an excellent online dating profile. Start with a clear, nicely lit face shot, full body picture that shows your height and weight, and a three-quarter photo that captures your style. This will allow your potential partners to get a real sense of what you look like.

 The mysterious and artsy no-face photos are more likely to get ignored by most. Besides quality, German emphasized that capturing your basic appearance is essential. 

Doesn’t sound too difficult, right? It may be easy for a photographer to “capture personality” in photos like this, but how can an average person master the authenticity of photography? These visually high quality photos that exemplify your personality on your dating profile will be the difference between a swipe left or right. 

According to German’s clients, he is a “miracle worker” when it comes to giving voice to photos, even for newbies that have never been in a photo shoot before. German’s passion is to bring your multidimensional self to life by nailing down your sophisticated side and drawing out your playful side with just a few flashes.

german marin photography
The best dating app photos let your personality shine.

German said authenticity in your photos will attract real people to your profile, and quite possibly, the “right” person. Most times, more is said with your photos than in the “about me” section. This includes pictures that might turn off people from your profile, like photos with friends.

German noted that posting photos of your friends is not only unnecessary, but could potentially hurt your case for a multitude of reasons. What if a photo of your friends piques the interest of your potential partner more than your own photos? The possibility of this is just as likely as it is not. Don’t add unnecessary barriers to your online dating profile. German’s photos will keep the focus on you. 

It’s simple. German offers clients several photo-and-video packages that range from $650 for a one-hour session to $1,500 for a four-hour session. The options cover the requisite three photos that showcase your physical self while sprinkling in your style and personality. Be selfish in this process, as this is about you and the person you are in the world. This authenticity will attract others to you, one click at a time.

German’s #1 Online Dating Tip: Don’t Give Up

At this point, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. German is here to say, don’t be. More than the poses or even the quality of your photos, he believes that your confidence will speak for itself. You can only build that by “practicing to put yourself in front of the camera” and “starting to like the things that you might not even be aware are there.” 

Not feeling like a natural in front of the camera is normal for most people. But it’s worth investing time to overcome this for the sake of the success of your online dating profile.

dating app profile photos
Embrace what makes you special, and let the world know!

German is a seasoned photographer who has worked with countless clients who feel uneasy and even insecure about their photos being taken so directly. That’s why he gives clients a three-day grace period to really soak in their individual beauty, their characteristics that make them… well, them. 

Practice this patience with yourself and allow the self-acceptance to grow within you, nurturing a confidence that will not be ignored.

His photo shoots are “a heart-opening and confidence-boosting experience” says one recent client. So before you give up and lose hope for a happily ever after, remember that confidence speaks louder than words. 

By booking a professional session with German Marin, your photos will represent more than just your physical likeness, but your personality too. Which according to German, is the selling point of your online dating profile.