What is Wrong with Dating the Mom of Your Daughter’s Boyfriend?

Kara Pound
Kara Pound Updated:
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Reader Question:

What is wrong with a soon-to-be-divorced dad dating a divorced woman who happens to be his daughter’s boyfriend’s mom?

-Donnie C. (Pennsylvania)

Expert’s Answer:

Hello Donnie,

I’m assuming you are the “soon-to-be-divorced dad”? Let’s say you are. There are a few huge red flags when it comes to dating your daughter’s boyfriend’s mom. Let’s start with the fact that you’re not even divorced yet. I think that because there are children involved, you should wait until the divorce is final before getting into a serious relationship. It’s OK to date here and there, but keep it at that until everyone in the situation has healed or is at least being congenial.

Second, there are billions of women in the world. Why do you have to date your daughter’s boyfriend’s mom? I mean honestly, dating one of the lunch ladies at her school or her gynecologist would cause less embarrassment. Divorce can be a very difficult situation for all involved. Make sure to put your children first, and don’t make it any harder on them than it should be.