Why Dating Is Better For Your Sex Life Than Hanging Out

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Why Dating is Better for Your Sex Life Than Hanging Out

Jack D. Serrano
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You know why I prefer inviting women on dates instead of just hanging out? Or why I enjoy putting a little bit of thought into planning a fun date instead of hanging out and just doing whatever?

It’s because I love living a life full of mind-blowing sex with great women who are really into me.

Sounds crazy, right?

Yet I’m always amazed at how quickly some guys sabotage their potential or ongoing relationships in favor of “hanging out.”

It’s simple, really. When a good woman is into you and you keep her happy, smiling and excited about life, that’s when the sex gets out of control — in a very good way.

The question now is…

Which is better for keeping her happy, smiling and excited about life: hanging out or dating?

Nothing gets and keeps a woman feeling like she’s living in that storybook romance she’s always dreamed of like a fun date with a guy she likes.

Dates don’t have to be anything fancy or expensive either: Darts and drinks. Billiards and Italian. Bowling and Mexican.

Surprise her. Delight her. Be creative. Take her on an adventure.

In the early days, going on dates is a great way to let a girl experience the whirlwind of a budding romance.

“Hanging out” completely bypasses all of the most exciting emotions women want to feel when they meet a guy they are into.


“The key to building a sex-filled relationship

is to always keep her having fun.”

Fun dates amplify those exciting emotions.

Take your pick. If you want to build a powerful sex life with a great girl, trust me when I tell you it’s better to amplify the excitement of the new relationship.

As the relationship progresses and she becomes your girlfriend (or more), you’ll start seeing each other two to three times a week (or more).

Now it’s even more important to keep the romance alive. This means you keep going on fun and exciting dates with her — at least once a week.

Don’t fall into the trap of boredom. Remember to keep having fun.

Fun out of the bedroom = Fun in the bedroom.

Relationships — at their best — involve two people doing everything they can to make each other smile, laugh and enjoy life.

She makes you happy. You make her happy. That’s the deal.

Whether you’re in the early stages of a potential relationship or you’ve already found your lucky lady, the key to building a fulfilling, sex-filled relationship with a great woman is to always keep her happy, amazed and having fun.

I’ve found no better way to do that than regularly taking her on dates.

Now I want input from you, the reader. How do you keep your dating life exciting?

Photo source: lovepost.com.