5 Tips For How Improve Your Image

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5 Tips for How to Improve Your Image

Kara Pound
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Feeling good about yourself — mentally and physically — is essential to a successful dating life and, ultimately, finding true love. There are many different ways women can improve their style, personality and self-image. After all, happy people attract happy people.

Cecil Selig once said, “When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it may be that they take better care of it.” We agree. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to rehab your self-image.

1. A new coif.

Changing something as simple as your hair can give any woman a boost of self-confidence. Look through fashion magazines and consult with your stylist. Pick something that works for your face and your lifestyle.

2. Get in shape.

Loosing flab and gaining muscle will give anyone a little extra pep in their step. Hit the gym, hire a personal trainer, take up kickboxing or Pilates. Whatever it is, choose something you enjoy that doesn’t feel like torture. Nothing like having a date-ready body to slip into your little black dress.


“Simply become a new and

improved version of yourself.”

3. Smarten up.

There is nothing worse than being in a conversation about current affairs and having no idea what the other people are talking about. Watch the news, bookmark sources or subscribe to RSS feeds that go directly to your personal email.

4. New style.

Reinventing yourself shouldn’t be a chore. It should be fun. This doesn’t mean a woman who usually wears Ralph Lauren button-downs should start wearing vintage Joan Jett concert tees. It means every lady should do a closet overhaul every year or two and add some new signature pieces.

If you aren’t the best style guru, ask your coworkers and honest friends what they would recommend to change your wardrobe. Make it a game for them to play but take it as constructive criticism the next time you go shopping to improve your image.

5. Learn a new skill or take up a hobby.

One of the greatest things about life is that you never stop learning. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20, 40 or 99, there’s always time to take up the guitar or start an organic herb garden. Becoming good at something will give you newfound self-confidence.

Listed above are only five out of thousands of things you can do to rehab your self-image. Don’t change who you are. Simply become a new and improved version of yourself. You won’t believe how much a positive change on the inside and outside will improve your dating life.