6 Ways To Meet Single Men

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6 Ways to Meet Single Men

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Nobody said meeting Mr. Right was going to be easy. Like all good things in life, finding a partner takes patience and a bit of trial and error.

At DatingAdvice.com, we understand meeting single men can seem like a chore at times. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top six ways to meet the man of your dreams.

So in order of best to next best, here you go:

1. Online Dating.

It’s no secret the Internet is quickly becoming the place to meet eligible men, and there are so many online dating sites with millions of eligible bachelors to choose from.

  • eHarmony, one of the longest established sites on the Web that uses a compatibility-based system, accounts for 2 percent of U.S. marriages. And that’s just one site – a pretty impressive statistic for finding Mr. Right.
  • Sites we also like to include are Zoosk.com and ChristianMingle.com.
  • The U.S. Census Bureau reports there are 102 million unmarried people in America 18 and older and there are 17 million unmarried U.S. residents 65 and older. No matter your age, the odds are good you won’t be single for long.
  • Match.com reports 40 million Americans use online dating services – that’s about 40 percent of the entire single population.
  • America’s Bride Magazine states one in five singles in a serious relationship met their partner online.

If you like those odds, see our review of 2013’s best dating sites.

2. Friends.

Let your friends and their friends know you’re looking to find a man to spend quality time with. People won’t put you in the context of a possible love match unless you speak up and ask them to.

  • “Combine your love of online shopping with the best way to meet great guys – through friends,” suggests Rachel Greenwald, author of “Why He Didn’t Call You Back?”
  • Scroll through your friends’ Facebook pages and grill them on the hot guy named “Chris.”
  • Enlist a good girlfriend to go to speed dating or to another singles networking event. It will be a lot less nerve-wracking to have a buddy with you. You can go out for drinks afterward and give each other the play-by-play.


“It’s no secret most women have to kiss a few

frogs before they find Prince Charming.”

3. Similar hobbies or interests.

A great way to meet a compatible single man is by doing the things you like to do. You’re guaranteed to meet like-minded men who you share at least one thing in common with.

  • Cosmopolitan.com suggests, “Hit a sports bar the next time a game is on. Wear a tee with the logo of the team you’re cheering for and sit near a guy rooting for the same team. You can connect over your shared fandom.”
  • Go to the hardware store – that is, only if you enjoy crafting and/or home improvement. Spend a few extra minutes in the plumbing section, wait for a guy you find attractive and ask him for help choosing which PVC pipe would work best for your project.
  • Traveling. If you love traveling, then throw down some cash to get into your airline’s frequent-flyer lounge. Enjoy a cocktail and strike up a conversation with a cute guy: “Where are you headed to? Is it for business or pleasure?” The two of you have an immediate connection just by being in the same airport.

4. Work.

The days of receiving a pink slip for dating a co-worker is pretty much extinct. If your boss expects you to live and sleep at the office, then he has to expect you’ll probably date from the office pool.

Dating a co-worker creates instant banter. You can always gossip about the slime ball in accounting.

  • According to SheKnows.com, the best jobs to meet men (whether he works there or you work there) include the military, dive bars, tourist resorts, landscaping or construction companies, men’s magazines, electronic stores, national sports leagues and health clubs.
  • Working at the same company or within the same field means you will have at least a few things in common. You can always talk about the latest and greatest things happening within your industry.

5. Volunteering.

If altruism is an important characteristic in your soul mate, then take up a cause yourself.

  • Whether it’s a beach cleanup, cancer research or saving the eastern North Pacific right whale from extinction, join an established group and you might just meet the man of your dreams – kind soul and all.
  • Cosmopolitan.com reports, “Studies show that performing altruistic acts can make you more sexually attractive — all the more reason to put on your do-gooder pants. Check out opportunities at Volunteeringamerica.gov and search your zip code to find a place to volunteer (and guy scope) near you.”

6. Your parents.

You might be completely freaked out by this idea, but your parents are actually a pretty decent way to meet eligible bachelors.

  • Your parents’ friends probably have kids around the same age as you. Let your mom and dad know you’re open to hearing about the single guys in town – even if it’s via his overbearing mother.
  • According to America’s Bride magazine, 71 percent of people polled said they believe in love at first sight and 30 percent of people think personality is the most important characteristic in a person they meet on a first date.

It’s no secret most women have to kiss a few frogs before they find Prince Charming. That’s why DatingAdvice.com has done a good deal of the work for you.

To start meeting single men, see our reviews of the best dating sites. You won’t regret it.

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