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Find Your Ideal Partner with Moonz, the Astrology-Based Dating App 

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: Moonz is an astrology-based dating app that allows you to connect with individuals who value relationships based on their astrological charts. The French dating app’s unique algorithm uses data to assist in finding your ideal astrological match. It’s free and available for Android and iOS.

If you’ve ever wondered whether zodiac signs matter when finding your ideal partner, Moonz is an app that can help you determine whether this is true. Your planetary placements may reveal characteristics of your personality and overall behavioral patterns. That information can work well when searching for a potential love interest. 

Moonz co-founder and CEO Fethy Abbas-Terki developed the app to have filters to focus on star signs, as he noticed this was not an option when creating your profile on other dating apps. Moonz focuses on astrology, which Fethy describes as “not the astrology that our parents know.” 

After conducting a market study for the app’s launch, Fethy noticed that astrology was not a primary factor when creating a user profile on existing dating apps. He said he wanted to focus mainly on its inclusion so even if a user wasn’t that interested in astrology it was an option to establish compatibility. 

The app was founded in 2021 and takes a more modern approach. It is valuable for matchmaking because it indicates how astrology can be linked to personal development. 

“The goal is for example, I meet you on Moonz, and I will read how my personality will interact with your personality,” Fethy explained to us. “It may be more educational than direct as well.” The app is not just for the astro-obsessed but for people who like to discuss astrology and who are curious to see its efficacy on successful romantic relationships.

“I really think I have found the love of my life,” said one user. “Serious meeting !! If you want to find the love of your life, go for it!!”

“Moonz is the reference app for finding the real thing,” said another. “We feel healthy values, only good vibes, and an innovative concept! Delighted with the experience.”

Discover Your Astral Profile and Get Personalized Horoscopes 

Moonz is a useful app whether you are an astro fanatic or curious to know more about how connections based on star signs work. Creating a dating profile on Moonz is a great way to meet new people, gain new insights on your birth chart, and have a better understanding of your other star signs and why they may or may not be an aligned match for you.

“We don’t go really deeply in astrology, but it’s something that we want to include in the charts and everything…it’s the goal…to be global but to be able to include everyone,” Fethy explained.

moonz dating app
Moonz gives users a daily horoscope.

Moonz uses astrology to give users advice and provides them with a daily, personalized horoscope. When you create your account and fine-tune your profile to include the date, time, and place of your birth, you’ll know what signs are most compatible with you. Moonz is also adding astral tags so users can know if a person has a crush on them. 

The app uses your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign for the most accurate matches and more personalized information that you and others can learn about who you are. While the tags make for a more precise discovery, the app’s algorithm will soon be updated to increase efficiency.

 “We use a classical algorithm…we are improving the algorithm every day…we have data scientists working on it, and we are including a bit of astrology, but the biggest part of astrology is the compatibility,” Fethy told us.

In addition to the astral tags, the app emphasizes a variety of tags to connect users with shared interests like music, fashion, and travel. 

Make a Great First Impression With Interactive Mood Boards

Moonz users can learn much more about their match’s personality and feel more connected to the mosaic photos referred to as mood boards on each profile. The app is most concerned with establishing authentic connections using the zodiac. The interactive nature of the live pictures on profiles along with static images can help contribute to make a good match based on physical appearance. 

With online dating, you often don’t feel that instant connection that you may have in person, and this gallery aims to make a more genuine first impression for users in a way that feels organic. 

moonz app
Moonz encourages in-depth profiles.

“When you find someone on a dating app, you don’t know anything about the person, just the cover picture. Sometimes, you have a bio; it’s three lines,” Fethy explained. “If you read the portrait of the person and astrology, you can feel a bit of the character of the person. And once we added on the mosaic…it’s five pictures, and you see the live pictures and a new one because, on dating apps, it’s really based on the physical appearance…with one picture.” 

Choosing the right picture can be challenging. Sometimes users may not select the most flattering photo or they may choose a photo that’s uploaded simply to quicken the profile setup. Still, profile photos are crucial because they are a good first indicator of your personality before a potential match gets further into reading your bio. 

Feeling Nervous? Eliminate Awkward Interactions with Moonz

If you struggle to find the right words to start a conversation, you’ll love the quotes the app provides. Using the suggested quotes on the app allows you to express yourself in a more friendly and approachable way so you can stand out and engage with more people online. 

Users are able to highlight their personality if they lack the inspiration to fill out their bio in a quirky, unique, and simplified manner. No matter what you’re into, with the app’s curated prompts, you’ll easily find the right fit for you.

Unlike traditional dating apps, Moonz has an equal number (50% to 50% ratio) of men and women users. Fethy explained that the app was developed to keep women safe. Often, on dating apps, there tend to be more users who identify as male seeking partnership than users who identify as female, and this can put women in an uncomfortable dynamic. 

moonz dating app
Moonz brings daters a unique approach to astrology.

“There’s one thing that is the ratio between men and women. We have the same number of men and women, it’s really rare,” Fethy told us. “ If anyone feels harassed by their match, they can report it, and the information is then publicly posted on the French government’s website.

“You can do your pre-complaint, and it goes directly on the website of the government in France. And it’s an innovation that exists only in Moonz,” Fethy continued.

This strict policy will allow those skeptical about online dating to feel empowered that reports of unwanted advances will be taken seriously.

If you’ve been looking for a new dating app that’s a safe space with a unique approach to dating based on the zodiac, Moonz may be an ideal option. 

While it’s an unconventional route to matchmaking, it offers an innovative and engaging platform for those who are curious about whether astrology can impact their romantic connections for true astro lovers or celestial cynics looking to switch things up.