He Has Started Speaking to Me Less. What Happened?

Dr. Wendy Walsh
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Reader Question:

I was seeing a guy for a couple of months casually last summer. He fell for me quite hard. I liked him loads too but then (very stupidly) ditched him and got back with my ex. About a month ago, I split up with the ex. Now I’m chatting with the summer guy a lot again, and I’ve been staying at his house on the weekends.

He is still very bitter about what I did. He has now suddenly started speaking to me less, even though we have both agreed that we really like each other.

-Jess C. (Alabama)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Oh what games, jilted lovers play. Clearly this guy is angry with you, and for good reason. It looks like his heart was invested the first time around and now he’s punishing you for abandoning him.

My advice: Bring it up. Talk about it. Let him know how sorry you are, but tell him that you feel he is punishing you and that makes it hard to grow closer. Try being loyal, trustworthy and honest.

If he’s still bitter a few months from now, he may just be a bitter person and you might never convince him you are honorable.

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