How Do I Calm My Nerves Before a Date?

Bethany Heinesh
Bethany Heinesh Updated:
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Yes, going on a date can be a frightening experience. Feeling anxious, nervous — even nauseous — is completely normal. There are a number of ways to calm your nerves before a date, however, so you can go out feeling your most confident, ready to have a good time.

While I always advocate alcohol in moderation on dates, I also know a little wine can really take the edge off. I’m not talking about swigging back an entire bottle of Pinot Grigio, of course! Having a drink while you’re doing hair and makeup, on the other hand, can really set the mood for a great first date, free from worry and anxiety.

If drinking isn’t your thing, take a hot bath and add lavender oil to the tub, or incorporate some other relaxing flower or herb. Turn the lights off and illuminate the room with scented candles. The heat will relax tense muscles and relieve physical stress, and the aroma of soothing scents will bring a renewed sense of well-being.

Not in the mood for 20 minutes in the tub? Deep breathing, meditation and yoga are always helpful when you need to calm down. Try taking a few deep, deliberate breaths and perform some stretching exercises. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You will find your center this way and feel more tranquil and serene.

No matter what, remember that the first date jitters never killed anyone, and bad dates only make us stronger.