How Do I Deal with My Boyfriend’s Jealousy?

Bethany Heinesh
Bethany Heinesh Updated:
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When your guy gets jealous, it can make you feel secure in your relationship. You think, “If he is getting jealous, he must love me.” That may be true but make no mistake – jealousy can be destructive and cause major problems. Men can get jealous of you talking to another guy, but some even become jealous of your girlfriends and insist you to spend less time with them.

Webster’s Dictionary says that to be jealous is to “be vigilant in guarding a possession.” Yuck, when you think of it that way, you realize how unhealthy jealousy really is. So, how do you deal with a jealous boyfriend? Easy. Put him in his place early on and be clear about your boundaries. Don’t give in to his jealous demands, and let him know you have no intention of giving up other areas of your life that bring you joy. When he misbehaves, don’t allow him to manipulate you into paying him more attention than you’re willing to give.

If you start dating a guy who becomes jealous early on and exhibits controlling behavior, you might want to cut your losses now and end the relationship. It probably isn’t heading anywhere worth going, and you can save yourself a lot of heartache.