I Think He Has a Thing for Me. Should I Flirt with Him?

Rachel Dack
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Reader Question:

There is one guy who I see at the gym when I am there. I got up to walk to the bathroom and he was checking me out.

I decided to flirt back to see where it will take me. When I came home from the gym, he followed me on Twitter, which I think is odd, but after I flirted back with him, I assume he has a thing for me.

Should I flirt with him more ?

-Liz (Michigan)

Rachel Dack’s Answer:

Hey Liz,

Sure, you should absolutely flirt with him more if it feels fun and you are still interested in him.

He seems to be giving you some signs that he is interested, too. Eye contact is a great way to determine if someone is interested or attracted to you.

As you flirt with him, the key is to gauge his response while always being true to yourself and being the most confident version of yourself. I would focus on flirting and continuing to be approachable but not appearing too needy or desperate.

See if you can establish flirting in a back and forth way. Let him approach you or smile at you and then approach him next time. This is another way to gauge his level of interest in you.

Just have fun, keep the eye contact going and stay open to the possibility of connecting with him more. Keep smiling because it’s good for your own health and men love women who are happy and confident.

P.S. The gym is a wonderful place to meet high-quality single guys while taking care of your own health and body through exercise!

Take care,


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