If He’s Not Interested, Why Does He Text Every Day?

Gina Stewart
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Reader Question:

Over the years, I have seen this several times: a guy will be really into a girl and he will want to see her. Then he doesn’t want to see her, but he will text her every day.

What is going on? If he’s not interested, why make the effort to text every single day? Why doesn’t he just quit communicating all together?

-Chelsea (Texas)

Gina Stewart’s Answer:

I find men’s relationships to women are less black and white and more gray. In other words, a man may not think to himself, “Oh, I am not interested in this girl, therefore we shouldn’t communicate.”

Keeping a text communication going with a woman is easy, entertaining and makes a guy feel less lonely. Meanwhile, it lets them keep a door open for whatever the future may bring.

You know when he will quit communicating? When you quit communicating back. If he’s not able to decide whether he wants to see you, why do you want to keep investing your time and emotions in him?

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