Laura Yates Helps Singles Recover From Heartbreaks

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Lifestyle Coach Laura Yates Helps Singles Recover From Romantic Heartbreaks

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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The Short Version:  Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you weren’t the one who initiated it. Whether you’re replaying your favorite Adele song over and over or stuffing your face with cookie dough ice cream, finding a healthy way to recover from a breakup is important. Lifestyle coach Laura Yates assists singles through their recovery journey from romantic heartbreaks. In the midst of heartache and confusion, Laura helps her clients see the light at the end of the tunnel. From insightful coaching sessions to empowering programs, Laura continues to pave the way for singles to bounce back like never before. 

Getting your heart broken is never on anyone’s bucket list, but for some odd reason, most people experience it. I remember my first heartbreak, and no, I’m not referring to the time when my kindergarten crush stole my crayon. I’m talking about the real deal of heartbreak when I felt like my world was ending. After the man who I assumed to be the love of my life tried to let me down easily, I had to discover how to put my heart back together. 

It wasn’t until I connected with good friends and practiced healthy self-care routines that I started to move forward. Having a trusted support system when you’re going through a difficult breakup is beneficial. Lifestyle coach Laura Yates aims to help singles go from broken to whole. 

Picture of Laura Yates.
Lifestyle coach Laura Yates continues to help singles bounce back.

“I’ve been fortunate to coach countless people all over the world. My coaching is like real talk with your best friend, except when you work with me you’ll get real results. You know you’ll actually get over your ex, you’ll do that thing you want to do but keep putting off, we’ll rewire your bad thoughts. You’ll start living your life again,” said Laura. 

Laura shares life-changing advice and tips through her blog, podcast, and coaching sessions. These resources help singles learn how changing their mindset can facilitate heartbreak recovery. Laura said that her mission is to help people bounce back from a breakup, and she also undertakes to help people regain their confidence and self-esteem. 

“Sure, Laura helped me get over my ex and feel better about the future. But, more than that, she helped me get in touch and establish a wonderful relationship with someone I really needed to fall in love with: Me,” said Rob, a client of Laura’s in a testimonial

Bouncing Back Like Never Before 

Bouncing back after a breakup is easier said than done. Trying to relearn how to be single and deal with the fact that your failed relationship didn’t work out isn’t an easy task. Luckily for Laura’s clients, they don’t have to watch the movie “How to Be Single” to establish healthy daily routines after a breakup. 

Laura told us that the first thing she tells her clients is not to set a time limit on their healing process. Some clients may take a couple of months to bounce back while others may require more time. But to expedite the healing process, Laura said it’s best to put yourself at the center of your life. By putting yourself first, you start to focus on the things that benefit you and allow you to practice better self-care habits. 

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Laura shows singles how to bounce back like never before.

Laura tells her clients that timing is everything. To bounce back, singles have to know when to date and when not to date. Oftentimes, people think that the best way to bounce back is to date around and jump into another relationship – but that isn’t the right path for everyone. 

“Although dating can be a distraction, when it’s coming from a place of rebound, it isn’t going to be a fulfilling or healthy one,” said Laura.

An important part of the healing process is learning true discipline. And although self-discipline is crucial to recovery, it’s extremely hard to practice at times. No one wants to cut off a relationship with someone they love. But when a relationship starts to become toxic, knowing when it’s time to walk away is important. 

“Taking time to process your emotions, whilst not dwelling on them and keeping up the momentum of your life by working on your own growth and goals. I would also recommend cutting off contact with an ex if that is possible (e.g. if there aren’t children involved),” said Laura. 

Shifting Your Mindset After a Breakup

Our minds are powerful, and the things we choose to entertain and dwell on can consume us. That is why Laura focuses on giving post-breakup singles the proper tools to regain control over their minds. Bestselling author, Idowu Koyenikan, said it best when he said, “The mind is just like a muscle — the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand.” 

It’s normal for people to get caught up in their heads when their heart has just been broken. Certain questions such as “Am I not good enough?” or “Is something wrong with me?” commonly enter your mind when a lover breaks up with you. Laura said that she focuses on how to help her clients change and rewire their thought patterns. 

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Singles can use blogs to read great advice on how to recover from a bad breakup.

“At the time of my breakup, my brain couldn’t focus on anything but going over the why and wherefore again and again. Laura’s practical advice helped me to develop techniques to cope when the brain fell into that trap in the short term, and longer-term reach both acceptance and personal growth with it!” said Dan, one of Laura’s clients in a testimonial

Once people begin to change their mindset, they begin to take control of their situation. They become more optimistic and entertain more positive and reaffirming thoughts. Getting over a breakup doesn’t happen overnight, but by surrounding yourself with the right people and having a positive mindset, it certainly can feel like it. 

“Always bring your best self and mindset to the dating experience and try to have fun and relax into it as much as possible,” said Laura.

Laura told us that mindset is an important part of approaching dating in a healthy, fun, and empowering way. Singles who are mentally strong can then start stepping toward dating again because they are no longer emotionally bound by their past breakup. 

“We can feel vulnerable when dating after going through an experience of rejection or a breakup and this is why it’s important to make sure you’ve taken time out to rebuild your self-esteem and to understand that ‘rejection’ is often less personal than we might imagine,” said Laura.

Laura Yates: Your Mentor, Coach, and Friend

When working with Laura, clients can expect to go through a healing process full of compassion and exploration. Laura told us that she likes to think of herself as a mentor, coach, and friend to all of her clients. Clients continue to give praise to Laura for creating a safe and supportive environment where they can be vulnerable and comfortable. 

Laura connects with her clients and uses her personal experience dealing with heartache and failed relationships to guide and motivate them to overcome their problems. She lets her clients know that she was once in their shoes and reminds them that they aren’t broken individuals incapable of being loved and loving. 

Reminding her clients that they’re the main character in their life has successfully paved the way for singles to get back on their feet and date again. 

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The Bounce Back podcast encourages singles to shift their mindsets.

“Although how we date has changed over the years, let’s keep it simple and get back to basics! It’s about meeting an individual — or people, who are aligned, who we can enjoy spending time with and who bring out the best in us and who we can do the same for,” said Laura.

You don’t have to be recovering from a breakup to work with Laura. Aside from cheering singles along their healing journey, she also helps those individuals who simply want to refocus and realign their life. People can explore Laura’s online programs to get access to exclusive bounce-back tips, tricks, and advice. 

“We will have FUN! I make helping each individual I work with a true experience for them,” said Laura.