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Rori Sassoon’s Platinum Poire: A VIP Dating Service that Unites Successful Singles

Amber Brooks

Written by: Amber Brooks

Amber Brooks

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The Short Version: Singles with successful careers may struggle to find enough time for dating, but they still want to connect with partners of their caliber. Platinum Poire is an invitation-only New York City matchmaking service that helps singles navigate those challenges. The firm offers a bespoke power matching service that connects singles who have been successful in most aspects of their lives — but not in love.

Some couples are simply a little more impressive than average. Perhaps both of them are high-powered players in the same industry. Or one partner works in a creative industry, while another is a mover and shaker in the business world.

Whatever these ambitious pairs do, they support each other so their combined efforts reach a level of success beyond what they could have achieved alone.

Those so-called power couples help each other become better together, and those unions can result in much more fulfilling relationships.

Huffpost’s Nina Bahadur explained some of the dynamics that set power couples apart from other types of romantic partnerships. For example, many power couples brainstorm and value one another’s opinions. They also pursue development, together and apart, and support each other’s pursuits.

The Platinum Poire logo
Platinum Poire connects high-powered couples for long-term relationships.

They also follow their interests rather than fade into their partner’s desires.

A power coupling may seem ideal, but many highly successful singles may not know where to find the right partner. Platinum Poire is an invite-only VIP dating service in New York City designed to help successful singles meet potential partners who are equally impressive.

Platinum Poire is the brainchild of two well-known industry luminaries, Life Coach Dr. Errol Gluck and Relationship Expert Rori Sassoon. The two wanted to create a service that matched singles who were struggling to find romantic partners who met their strict criteria.

A Collaboration Between a Life Coach and Relationship Expert

Rori said she was inspired to create the company because she had personal experience with successful matchmaking. A third party introduced Rori to her now husband, and the power couple have been married for 22 years. Today, Rori is well-known as the matchmaker on the Real Housewives of New York TV show, and she is the author of “The Art of the Date.”  She also shares her relationship advice in various publications and media outlets.

Rori offers image, styling, and presentation consulting in her role as CEO at Platinum Poire, all designed to boost the self-esteem and outlook of her clients. Rori also does deep dive consultations, which consist of getting to know her client’s relationship goals, history, and then assessing how to properly guide and match them. 

Dr. Gluck, who has a Ph.D. in psychology, anthropology, and theology, uses his expertise in neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to change and adapt — in his role at Platinum Poire. He dives into client preferences, histories, and strengths to help them uncover what’s holding them back from finding compatible partners and building healthy relationships. He also relies on his unique background in meditation to foster compassion for his clients.

Photo of Life Coach Dr. Errol Gluck and Relationship Expert Rori Sassoon
Life Coach Dr. Errol Gluck and Relationship Expert Rori Sassoon help clients find partners.

Together, the pair have successfully matched more than 45 marriages. And many satisfied clients have shared their gratitude for working with the Platinum Poire team.

“It’s unusual to experience a (power player) matchmaking company that combines warmth and understanding as part of the journey. Rori put me at ease with dating and handled each move we made with impeccable professionalism. Through my experiences with Rori on RHONY and beyond, I am proud to say if you’re single, successful, and looking for love, your choice is limited as there is only one place to go. That’s Platinum Poire,” wrote Ramona Singer, one of the Real Housewives of New York.

Connecting Well-Matched Counterparts

Platinum Poire is successful because of its unique invitation-only, power-matching philosophy.

All singles have to apply to work with Platinum Poire, and Rori and Dr. Gluck use a selective process to decide who they want to bring on as clients.

“Platinum Poire prides themselves on their diligence, confidently practicing discernment when choosing who is taken on as a client. Potential clients are vetted out in a manner that is extremely attentive to accuracy and detail involving all aspects of the individual; financials, personality, background checks. This allows for the Platinum Poire database to contain highly successful, healthy, elite individuals,” according to the website’s description of the process.

The idea behind the company is that successful singles don’t have time to screen their dates. For example, if they meet someone on a dating app, they want to ensure that the potential partner matches them in ambition and success. Otherwise, they may waste their time dating someone who isn’t right for them in the long haul.

Driven women may find that their career dedication is off-putting to some men. But when Platinum Poire accepts them, they know potential partners want to meet women who have those ambitions. That allows women to be themselves and find the right partnerships.

Rori and Dr. Gluck use special analysis to create pairings between people who are likely to hit it off.

“We created a tried and proven power couple matchmaking service that matches VIPs with their equal counterparts through a series of analyses done by our experts,” the pair said. “Let us do the tedious work for you and match you up with your elite counterpart through our proven method today.”

Rori Opens Relationship Coaching for Non-Members

Many singles interested in Rori’s advice may believe they can’t work with her unless they’re Platinum Poire clients. But Rori now offers a more accessible option to non-members called Get Relationship Ready with Rori: The Platinum Experience.

Participants receive 60-minute one-on-one sessions with Rori, who offers advice on their relationship goals. She holds the $500 sessions either in person or via Zoom.

These sessions can cover several different topics. For instance, clients can ask Rori to review their dating profile, as she did for 43-year-old Michele’s Hinge. Rori saw that Michele’s answers to profile questions sounded as if she were being interviewed for a job. She advised Michele to respond to profile prompts with fewer adjectives and more examples that reveal the sophisticated single that she is..

“The photos seemed to be on the staged side, causing her to minimize her personality,” Rori also added. “I always tell my clients at Platinum Poire to include full-body photos and toss the sunglasses aside. We want to see Michele’s face, not the shades.”

Photos of The Art of the Date book party
Rori and Dr. Gluck also help singles with their book, “The Art of the Date.”

If singles can’t afford coaching with Rori, they have a more affordable alternative — the book she wrote with Dr. Gluck titled “The Art of the Date.” The book discusses how to be true to oneself and honor others as the two cornerstones of successful dating.

Wanderlust Editor and Founder Bobby Guccione Jr. recommended the book, saying, “Rori and Errol should have PhDs in chemistry, the human kind, the stuff that propels the species. They know what’s important, the spark of human beings discovering each other, and in the era of empty algorithms they show how to reclaim it. This book is not just about matchmaking, it’s about fulfillment. It’s smart, funny, and enlightening. And they talk about sex a lot. ”

Whether a single person is already successful or is on the road to better self-esteem, Rori and Dr. Gluck’s coaching and matchmaking services at Platinum Poire can help get them where they want to go.