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How Do I Know He’s in Love With Me? 8 Signs to Look For

Annie Das

Written by: Annie Das

Annie Das

Annie Das is an International Dating Coach specializing in helping Millennial Women find love and committed partners, even after heartbreak and discouraging dates. Her renowned "Confidently Ever After" Dating Method has been featured on Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha, Thought Catalog, and Medium. Annie's empowering insights and transformative techniques enable women to navigate the complexities of dating, boost their confidence, and find lasting love. Follow Annie for dating and confidence tips on Instagram.

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The early days of dating someone new can feel exciting and confusing at the same time. The exhilaration of meeting a compatible man you are attracted to while also figuring out what’s in store for the future can be an emotional rollercoaster. That comes with the territory of falling in love.

There were many times when I thought I was building a real relationship with a man only to be ghosted weeks later. Or the relationship would fizzle out early on because it was just based on the physical attraction that eventually lost its spark. Many days I even questioned if I would ever find that deep love I desired.

Photo of Annie and her husband
If I knew it was real love I wanted, I would date men who were serious about it, too.

But after doing some soul-searching and discerning what I desired in a relationship and in a man, I decided to date differently. I remained true to my values and only dated people who aligned with those values.

When I met and started to date my now husband, things just felt different. Sure there was still some early-day confusion and doubts, as with any new relationship. But as time went on, things felt easy and right. His actions and words aligned, and I knew I could fully trust him and that he felt the same way. I would smile when I saw his name pop up on my phone and get excited to plan our next date. 

How to know if a man is in love with you? Here are 8 signs to look out for. 

1. There Are No Games

When a man is in love with you, there are no games or confusion. You hear from him regularly and are not left wondering when he will text again. There are also no mixed signals coming from him. If he says he’s taking you out on a date on Friday, he does exactly that. If you feel confused or there is a mixed signal, he apologizes and clears it up right away.

See, when a man is in love with you, he makes you a priority and lets you know that you are important. You don’t have to ask him or wish for reassurance, his actions and his words tell you that he is committed. 

2. He Wants You in His Future

A man who is in love with you wants you in his future, period. He wants to build a life that he is excited about, and that includes having you in it. Men know that life is infinitely better with a caring woman by their side, and they know when they’ve met that amazing woman and won’t lose her.

And how do you know if he sees you in his future? He will tell you, often. He will be excited to plan future trips with you and make a list of all the places you both want to go. He will drive by a house and say “I can see us living here.” When you’re with a man who loves you, there’s no doubt that you are building a life together. 

3. He Introduces You to Friends and Family

This is one of the first signs that will show you a man is developing deep feelings for you. He will introduce you to his friends and family and invite you on group outings. The thought of showing you off to the people he cares about is exciting to him. He’s telling the world that this is the woman he loves.

Photo of a girlfriend meeting parents
Meeting his family is a great sign of love and commitment.

A man who loves you does not hide you or treat you like a secret, he openly shows his community that you’re his person. Even if friends and family are living far away, a man in love will set up a video call so you can meet them. He will find a way to show you off no matter what!

4. He Makes Small Romantic Gestures

Small romantic gestures are a great way to know when a man is thinking about you. He will leave love notes around your apartment for you to find. He will show up at your door with your favorite chocolate because he was at the store and immediately thought of you. A man in love will cook you a homemade meal after you’ve had a long day at work.

A man in love is always looking for ways to show you that you’re on his mind and he can’t stop thinking of you. 

5. He Remembers the Details

Along with small romantic gestures, a man that loves you will always remember the details. He will remember that restaurant you mentioned you want to try weeks ago and take you there. He will remember that you have a big presentation at work the next day and send you an encouraging message before. He will remember that dress you said you wanted, and it will show up at your door the next day. A man who is truly in love with you is genuinely listening to you and will do everything to make you happy. 

6. He Lets His Guard Down With You

It can be tough to get to know a man nowadays because society has told them to be strong no matter what. People believe that men should not show emotions or have insecurities. Because of this, a lot of men suppress emotion and only show parts of themselves to the world. But when a man feels truly safe in your presence, he will let his guard down.

Photo of a couple hugging
A man in love will let the woman he loves into his inner world effortlessly.

A man letting his guard down means he is sharing his feelings. He talks openly about tough memories, fears, regrets, and sadness. It also means that he will talk about his passions with excitement and let you into his world. The best way to tell if a man is really in love with you is if he allows you to know his authentic self.

7. He Does Not Pressure You to be Physically Intimate

Unfortunately, so many women feel the pressure to be physically intimate early on in a relationship. Women believe they have to show their commitment through their bodies or else the man will leave. Ladies, if a man is in love with you, he is not going to pressure you into this.

A loving man will respect your timeline and want you to feel safe with him. And best of all, intimacy between two people who love each other is infinitely better than a casual hookup. 

8. He Genuinely Cares About Your Passions & Goals

This is my favorite sign to look out for when wondering if a man loves you. He will be your biggest cheerleader for all your goals. He will actively talk about them with you and help you plan how to make even your biggest goal a reality. A loving man will continue to encourage you even when you feel doubt or worry. A loving man will desire to be with a woman who keeps her independence and fulfills all her wishes. When a man loves you, he will do everything in his power to let you shine and follow your heart. 

If He’s in Love, He’ll Show It in His Actions & Words

The main question on the minds of most people who have never been in love, like me before I met my husband, is always “How can I tell if this is real love or just physical attraction?”

When I started dating the man I would later marry, I knew he was different because he did and said things that made me feel secure and safe in our new relationship.

Now looking back at that time, I realize that those small moments and gestures were what made me fall in love. These were the things that told me he was someone special, and that I should pursue a relationship with him. These signs were what told me that life was changing forever and that this man was in love with me, too.