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The Date Maven Solves Dating Problems Through a Positive Growth Mindset

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: The Date Maven is a dating coaching and matchmaking practice located in Wichita, Kansas. Founded in 2011 by Suzanna Mathews, the practice offers in-person and virtual coaching for singles looking to make more meaningful connections. Their philosophy is focused on building relationships while leading with love and compassion. The Date Maven is committed to helping singles find love, regardless of their past.

Many daters are only one date away from becoming disillusioned. It can be hard to make a match in a dating scene that’s constantly shifting, even for seasoned daters. Going on first date after first date, getting stood up, or not being able to get a first date at all can make singles feel insecure about their prospects and nervous to keep on trying.

Dating troubles can plague all kinds of people, even the most attractive, wealthy, or secure ones. For many people, getting in a relationship has just as much to do with curating an online dating profile as it does with gaining a deeper understanding of one’s self and desires. This is where relationship and dating coaching comes in.

infographic that reads "dating solved"
The Date Maven has been helping singles find connections for over 10 years.

Dating coaching can provide invaluable knowledge for people from all walks of life. In its ideal form, dating and relationship coaching help individuals identify and achieve their romantic goals through directed action.

The experts at The Date Maven, a relationship coaching and matchmaking service, offer professional advice for singles who are looking for more from their dating experience. Suzanna Mathews, dating coach and founder of The Dave Maven, told us that her team’s approach to dating coaching dives deep into the person’s mindset and beliefs. 

“We want to help people love themselves first,” Suzanna said, “and then allow them to bring that light of love to other people.”

A Decade of Relationship Help

Suzanna started The Date Maven in 2011. She had been a speech and drama teacher at the college level and got to a spot where she realized she didn’t want to continue down her current career path. Friends, family, colleagues, and students had long been going to Suzanna seeking dating advice. She decided to follow her passion and pursue dating coaching.

Suzanna Matthews smiling at camera
Suzanna Mathews began her coaching and matchmaking firm in 2011.

Suzanna had been interested in the different ways men and women interact since she was in college. She said she felt that if people knew more about communication, their relationships would flourish more easily. She noted that we are given very little relationship training or education throughout our life, and that can cause some single people to have difficulties forming deep and meaningful connections.

Suzanna studied with a professional dating coach and matchmaker and learned the ways of the trade. “My time with my own coaching instructor taught me so much about the industry,” Suzanna said. She launched The Date Maven on Valentine’s Day of 2011 in Wichita, Kansas. 

Her firm grew steadily, eventually adding another coach to the team. Suzanna and her team lead coaching clients through a journey of self-reflection and growth. “Our approach to coaching is pretty unique,” Suzanna told us. “Our philosophy is ‘Be Love.’ We want our clients to learn how to show up in loving and caring ways.” 

Photo of Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera complements Suzanna through the Mars/Venus Coaching approach.

The Date Maven’s Mars/Venus Coaching Team is made up of Suzanna, her business partner and fiancé Michael Rivera, and another part-time coach specializing in divorce. Suzanna and Michael combine their perspectives and expertise to form a masculine/feminine approach to dating. According to Suzanna, this coaching style combines Michael’s scientific approach with Suzanna’s focus on spirituality and mindfulness.

Love is at the core of the team’s dating coaching and matchmaking. The Date Maven helps clients identify their issues in dating and romantic relationships. Once these issues are identified, coaches help clients learn outlooks and strategies. The team at The Date Maven formulates a personalized approach for each client.

Coaching for All Kinds of Singles

Singles interested in coaching with The Date Maven should consider a free exploratory call with a member of the team. During this call, prospective clients can share their desires and struggles with a team member to determine whether The Date Maven is a good fit. Before the exploratory call, singles can complete a Client Application to get a feel for the services the practice offers.

Photo of a happy couple
Suzanna and Michael have helped connect countless couples through their practice.

The Date Maven offers dating coaching and matchmaking services. Singles looking for dating coaching will have strategy sessions with Suzanna and Michael. In these sessions, clients will discuss their relationship goals and habits. The coaches ask questions about how clients present themselves and whether their desires line up with their habits.

The first session with The Date Maven is called the Dating Audit & Strategy Session. During this session, the coach forms a personalized plan for the client. Coaches will help clients interested in both dating coaching and matchmaking services.

After the Dating Audit & Strategy Session, couples can choose to go forward with working with The Date Maven. The following coaching sessions will help singles work through their dating struggles.

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Going to The Date Maven will bring singles closer to finding their partner.

Many singles seek the advice of The Date Maven for tips and tricks for first dates. Suzanna told us, “Compassionate listeners make attractive first dates. We all want to feel validated in what we feel.” The Date Maven can give dating singles practical advice to implement on first dates and improve their chances of a second one.

Suzanna said The Date Maven can help any kind of single person. “We serve men, women, all ages, all life stages,” Suzanna said. “Some of our clients are young professionals, others are in retirement, some have always been single, some have been divorced more than once.” When Suzanna says her practice can help any person, she means it.

Compassionate Listeners, Successful Daters

If clients are interested in matchmaking service, the team at The Date Maven will help them decide whether the service is suited for them. If it is, clients partake in a hybrid dating coaching and matchmaking program. This program encourages self-growth and implementation of new skills while setting clients up on dates with people who could be a perfect fit.

The matchmaking service connects The Date Maven’s clients with a network of other eligible singles. The network is comprised of singles who have registered in the Date Maven’s “Little Black Book” as well as the team’s network of people in the local community and in the world-wide community of matchmakers. The matchmaking service allows singles to focus on connection and let The Date Maven deal with the rest.

Dating coaching and matchmaking clients also have access to a library of written resources made by Suzanna and Michael. These resources are called Power Processes modules. They are useful tools that clients can continue to access to learn tips for opening on dates, flirting, and creating compelling and engaging conversations.

Screenshot from The Date Maven
The Date Maven team has shared their expertise on television, radio, and online podcasts.

Reviews for The Date Maven celebrate Suzanna and Michael’s unique approach. One review reads: “I could not have reached my goal of a deep relationship without your help.”

Singles who are done playing games and sick of getting the same disappointing results should consider The Date Maven. With 30 years of combined experience between Michael and Suzanna, prospective clients should rest assured that any advice the team at The Date Maven gives is sound. Suzanna said, “Our clients always say to us, ‘This is so much more than I ever imagined, this is so much more than I expected.’ Our coaching goes deep, and we want to provide our clients with what they need to be successful, in dating and in life.”