Where Can I Meet Good Guys?

Nick Slade
Nick Slade Updated:
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You can meet good guys at church and at family reunions — and even then it’s a crapshoot. Actually, there are great guys online and at bars, but they’re hard to pick out among the other grains of sand. The real bottom line is that you have to use your instincts (the higher ones, not the lower ones) to guide you in your selections.

You can probably improve your odds of finding good guys if you go to the same places frequently and observe the little things about the guys who come there often. It might be the dog park, the coffee shop, the corner pub, the gym, school, work, or the donut shop.

A guy’s behavior at his regular haunts can be very telling. If he is alone, you can get a sense of his general mood. If he’s intense, brooding and scowling when he’s in his own little world, he might be hard to get along with. If he is relaxed and pleasant with himself, he is more likely to be the same way with you.

Just remember to keep your eyes open all the time. If you only pay attention to guys when you’re out looking for a good one, you’ll miss all of the little opportunities life throws your way. The really good guys are often just “there” when you least expect it.