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Observations from Ukrainian Blogger Krystyna Help International Dating Grow More Popular

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Written by: Ashayla Blakely

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The Short Version: International dating is becoming easier than ever. Singles no longer have to settle for dating people who share the same ZIP code as they do. Thanks to dating professionals like Ukrainian Blogger Krystyna, singles looking for international love can find a partner with similar intentions. Krystyna takes on many roles as writer, speaker, and relationship coach to ensure that people succeed in international dating. With Kyrstyna’s helpful advice, couples not only learn how to get into an international relationship but maintain it as well.  

Blogger and relationship coach, Krystyna found her true love internationally over 10 years ago. Her husband-to-be came from a different culture than she did, but she didn’t let that stop her from exploring potential love. Although she acknowledged that the intercultural differences were confusing and challenging to navigate at first, she added it was all worth overcoming. 

Picture of Krystyna Trushyna.
Ukrainian Dating blogger and author Krystyna Trushyna.

Krystyna said she decided to put her thoughts and ideas about international dating and relationships online to help people find their international love stories as well. Krystyna is currently the founder of four international dating blogs. The Ukrainian Dating Blog is one of Krystyna’s first dating blogs that took off and gained reader attention. 

“I have formulated a unique approach to navigating the international dating waters by exploring dating dilemmas in my foreign dating blogs and my relationship coaching programs,” said Krystyna. 

After completing her master’s degree in culture and foreign languages, Krystyna decided it was time to apply what she had learned in the classroom to help the dating lives of others. In 2020, Krystyna started to translate her dating blogs into German, Swedish, and Norwegian in hopes of reaching a larger audience. As a result, Krystyna was able to share her experiences with European readers as well. Readers can follow her content on her blogs as well as on Quora and Reddit.

“I found my calling in helping Western men successfully meet court-worthy and authentic foreign women,” Krystyna told us. “My passion is to help Western men start their international dating adventure, not get snared by romance scammers, find a wonderful woman for life, and manage the differences in a cross-cultural relationship.” 

Debunking Misconceptions About International Dating

Krystyna has been serving as a full-time blogger and training international daters since 2019. Singles became more invested and entertained the thought of participating in international dating following the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID restrictions that confined people to their homes helped them realize that finding love can be done from afar. Dating hasn’t been the same since singles became more comfortable with using international online dating sites for love. 

Additionally, since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Krystyna said she’s seen increased interest in dating Ukrainian women. She said some of this comes from immoral desires to take advantage of a terrible situation, and some of it arises from foreign men seeing how strong and proud the Ukrainian people are. As more Ukrainian women became displaced in 2022, the rest of the world seems to have welcomed them with open arms. And Ukrainian matchmakers have adapted to arranging dates online or on foreign soil to keep singles safe from harm.

Screenshot of International Dating book.
Krystyna addresses all the international dating misconceptions in her book.

“Communication through international online dating sites has not slowed down,” Krystyna said. “As a dating site consultant and ambassador, I can confirm that Western men are actively registering on various platforms to meet women from Eastern Europe.”

Although international dating has become a popular interest, there are a lot of misconceptions that Krystyna addresses throughout her blogs. Krystyna explains how international dating myths hinder people from flourishing in their relationships. Some singles have set false expectations, and others struggle with the challenges of having preconceived notions about international dating. 

Some of the misconceptions that people have about international dating include the idea that foreign women are mail-order brides and that it’s possible to buy a young Slavic or Asian wife online.

“It always makes me laugh when readers email me and ask how much a Slavic or Asian wife costs and where they can buy one. My answer is always ‘Please check Amazon; maybe you will find a wife there,’” joked Krystyna. 

A part of Krystyna’s duty is to help clear up common misconceptions. She told us that some men view Ukrainian women as desperate refugees given the current conflict in their country, but she says the women she knows are strong, selective, and most certainly not for sale.

It’s important to realize the truth of international relationships before jumping into one. To avoid wasting time on a relationship that isn’t a good fit, men can determine whether they’re ready to date an international woman with Krystyna’s reality check.

“Face the international dating reality and debunk misconceptions. You’re dating a person, not a country.” said Krystyna, who operates by the motto #SayNoToStereotypes.

Helping Cross-Cultural Relationships Flourish

Cross-cultural relationships are unique and beautiful. To fall in love with someone who comes from a different background than yours is a life-changing experience. Of course, cross-cultural relationships also have their fair share of challenges. Having lived through it herself, Krystyna said she wishes to communicate and educate those who need dating advice for crossing borders or cultures. 

“I see my role as an enlightener and educator. This has been the case since I began relationship coaching and consulting. It’s our job as International dating professionals to help singles bridge the ‘other countries, other customs’ norms and find love,” said Krystyna. 

Screenshot from website.
There are plenty of Ukrainian brides ready to jump into a serious relationship.

Despite the rise in international dating, Krystyna said she has discovered that a lot of men still don’t understand the mentality, culture, and peculiarities of Ukrainian women. She has conducted a thorough international dating survey to better understand how singles view this world, and her blog posts helpful articles with dating etiquette tips geared toward singles seeking real love and marriage. 

Over time Krystyna has seen that sharing honest and legit dating tips made a positive change for the international industry. 

From advice to scam guides, the topics on Ukrainian dating blogs offer a welcoming space for people to learn and grow. You don’t have to know everything about international dating to get into a relationship with someone from a different culture. Regardless of where you’re at during your dating process, Krystyna continues to support people where they’re at. 

“I just love to read new topics from your blog. Thank you very much for your great help! I love your free piece of advice. And Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world!” said an anonymous reader in a review

Ukrainian Dating Blog: Dating Tips & Advice for Western Men

Krystyna said she plans to continue writing relatable content that will help people find their true love overseas. Through her research and firsthand observations, Krystyna has discovered the best international dating sites out there to help give singles a jump-start. With the help of advanced technology and more flexibility in traveling, people no longer have to fear participating in international dating. 

“Communication through international online dating sites has not slowed down. As a dating site consultant and ambassador, I can confirm that Western men are actively registering on various platforms to meet women from Eastern Europe,” Krystyna told us.  

Screenshot of Ukrainian Dating Blog logo.
Ukrainian Dating Blog will continue to pay the way for international love.

Krystyna told us that dating, love, and friendship know no borders. International relationships have their perks! You not only gain a partner who you can explore the world with, but you also get the rare opportunity to emerge in an entirely new culture with someone you love. Combining two cultures doesn’t always have to be hard, taking the time to learn how to love and intertwine with one another makes a relationship that much easier. 

“You learn about another person’s world, find out about them, and learn more about yourself. Then you can look at everything around you from a different, more interesting, and more open-minded perspective,” Krystyna said.

Tolerance and respect are the starting point and basis of any international dating relationship. Without the two, couples are bound to go on a rocky path. Krystyna said she believes that international dating is a journey that is filled with awesome experiences and adventures. 

“My final message would be: Treat your international dating adventure as a learning opportunity,” she said. By learning from their mistakes and rejections, singles can grow and get one step closer to reaching their perfect match.