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The Dating App Fitafy Paves the Way for Singles to Build Healthy Relationships

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The Short Version: Going to the gym is a healthy pastime to increase your fitness level — and perhaps you’ll meet a cutie on the treadmill. Workout partners can motivate each other to stay active while making meaningful connections. The dating app Fitafy encourages singles to create healthy relationships that can last a lifetime and helps them integrate their love of fitness into their dating lives. Fitafy changes how active people view relationships and how they date. Fitafy users are singles who value health and fitness and want to bond over common interests and similar values. 

The gym and I never had a good relationship, but with the help of a good workout buddy, I started to enjoy and learn the importance of daily exercise. Working out takes a lot of discipline, and sometimes people just need a trusted partner to encourage them along the way. Singles don’t have to go to a gym anymore to find a fitness partner thanks to the advancement of technology. 

Screenshot of logo.
Fitafy was founded by Stephen Mansfield and Cem Miral.

Fitafy is a dating app that is dedicated to helping active people find a partner who shares the same healthy mindset. By combining their love for fitness with dating, singles get to experience dating in an active community.

Co-Founders Stephen Mansfield and Cem Miral started Fitafy to help change the way singles date. Stephen and Cem told us that Fitafy was born out of frustration from hearing their female friends complain about the whole online dating scene. 

“Every single one of our female friends was complaining about other platforms and not being able to find a life partner who aligns with their values or lifestyle, having to waste their time vetting members hours on end, and wasting their time on dates where they had no chemistry or common values,” said Co-Founders Stephen Mansfield and Cem Miral.

To shake things up a bit, Stephen and Cem designed Fitafy to help change the way active people view and use dating apps. Most people in search of a lifetime partner look for someone who shares their same values and lifestyle. Fitafy makes it easier for singles to find someone to date and finally be able to create that long-lasting relationship they’ve always wanted. 

A Safe Space for Gym Lovers

When Stephen and Cem created Fitafy they wanted to ensure that the app was composed of genuine and like-minded people. Whether you like going to the gym every day of the week or just once a week, Fitafy is the right place for you to date and connect. 

“Our Community is formed by everyone who is just starting their fitness journey, those who like to train a few times a week, those who run, do yoga, pilates, bodybuilding, all the way to Olympians and professional athletes who are active on the world stage,” said Stephen and Cem.

Stephen and Cem told us that Fitafy’s goal is to find members their perfect fit. Singles should enter Fitafy with the expectation that all relationships are created whether that perfect fit is a motivational friend or a romantic partner. But Stephen and Cem said that most singles who use the app search for someone who wants a healthy and long-term relationship. 

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Fitafy offers a fun space to meet trainers, romantic partners or friends.

Fitafy’s community is composed of people from different backgrounds, ages, and sexual orientations. Members are typically within the 20 to 40-year-old age bracket and there is a strong representation of the LGBTQ+ community on the app. 

Stephen and Cem told us that they welcome anyone who values health and wellness, not just physically but mentally as well. As a result of creating such a safe and fun space for fitness lovers, Fitafy has managed to get positive feedback and results since it launched. 

“We have had two marriages, two engagements, and several hundred relationships that have formed as a result of meeting through Fitafy in 2022 alone! We are proud of our community,” said Stephen and Cem. 

Tracking “The Pulse” in a Relationship

It’s normal to check your pulse now and then while working out to make sure your heart is beating at a steady pace. You don’t want to overwork yourself, and you want to make sure you’re putting in the right amount of energy to meet your goals. This also applies to your dating life!

Checking in with your partner to see if you both are moving forward at a steady pace is important. Members can use Fitafy’s The Pulse section to determine just that. The Pulse offers different articles for members to read to help them navigate through their relationship. From dating tips to success stories, The Pulse motivates members to adopt healthy dating skills to reach relationship success. 

Fitafy profile
Fitafy is an easy way for fitness lovers to connect.

Members give praise to the Fitafy team for creating an app that not only provides a fun way to meet people but a community that supports one another along their dating journey. 

“Only fitness people understand the lifestyle that other fitness people want to live by. Fitafy not only makes the dating process easier but helps grow the fitness community as a whole,” said an anonymous Fitafy member in a testimonial on its homepage. 

Stephen and Cem told us that they are changing the way dating platforms are viewed. As they continue to put health first and foremost, the team is always thinking of new and interesting ways to actively support members. 

“The Fitafy Community loves the ability to meet others based on their specific fitness and dietary interests,” said Stephen and Cem. “It’s all about an alignment in values and lifestyle choices, both of which have proven to be indicators of a successful relationship. It only takes someone to look at their close friends, relationships or family to see how values can bring two people together for a lifetime.”

Fitafy: Find Your Romantic Fit

Members can go on active and social dates. Stephen and Cem told us that many of their members have reported to them that the dates they’ve gone on through Fitafy have been easygoing. 

Members say they find themselves more comfortable and relaxed when they go on first dates on Fitafy. By being their authentic selves, members discover they make better connections and detect the chemistry from the get-go. 

Screenshot of Fitafy
Jump into action on the Fitafy dating app.

“Many of our members have been on their best dates using Fitafy, where they can go on active and social dates where there is no pressure to impress, but rather organically get to know someone to see if there is chemistry,” said Stephen and Cem. 

Anyone can join the app at no charge and find their fit. Unlike many other dating apps, Fitafy doesn’t restrict members from using any of the app’s functionalities. The app’s core features, such as matching and access to messaging, will always remain free. If members wish to upgrade their membership, they can opt for a Fitafy Premium membership that will give access to special features. 

We can expect more from the Fitafy team in the near future. Stephen and Cem said they anticipate a lot of new exciting features and developments down the road that will help members even more. 

“Thank you so much for creating this app!! I gave Fitafy a try after having an awful time on another ‘swipe’ and I’m so glad I did!! The quality of dates I had on Fitafy was completely different and were a lot more fun as we did things outdoors,” said an anonymous Fitafy member in a testimonial shared on the homepage.