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The FROME Dating App Changes the Swiping Game by Facilitating Instant Dates IRL

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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The Short Version: The dating process can be dreadful when you find yourself going through one failed date after another. After a while, you just want to expedite the whole process and find someone you click with. The FROME dating app helps singles date at an accelerated pace so people can get back into the dating game. FROME continues to encourage real dating by offering instant connections for users to plan dates and meet. 

One of the best ways to get to know a person is by going out for drinks. A tasty beer in hand while learning about your date is a common first date go-to. It’s easy to find a local bar where you can grab a refreshing brew. But finding a date to go with — now that’s the challenging part! But what if I told you it didn’t have to be so difficult?

Picture of FROME's logo.
Joe Feminella created FROME in hopes to help people experience real dating.

Thanks to the dating app First Rounds On Me (FROME), singles can easily find a date online and arrange an in-person meet-up wherever they like. FROME isn’t like your ordinary online dating app, it’s designed to help people step away from their devices and meet real people face to face. 

Joseph Feminella, CEO and founder of FROME, wanted to make a difference in the dating lives of singles. Joe was not initially a huge fan of the whole online dating scene. He said he always preferred the traditional method of meeting a woman and asking her out on a date in person. 

After a while, Joe realized the value that online dating had. He discovered that online dating gave people a sense of comfort and a confidence boost. Combining his love for making in-person connections and the online world’s ability to help reach people from all over, Joe decided to create FROME. 

“Our mission is to help people actually connect in real life,” he told us. “In today’s world, we have a lot of virtual connections, but human beings are becoming more isolated and lonely, which is ironic. I think that is because we forgot how important it is to connect in real life.”

Users Send Invites Instead of Chats

FROME’s mission is to break through the frustration of “pen pals” and get people back into the dating scene and meet in person. The FROME team continues to encourage singles to be more confident in themselves and their quest for companionship. It’s easy for people to get caught up in dating behind a screen. But a person can rely on the web for all their dating needs for only so long before the process begins to feel impersonal. 

Screenshot from website.
FROME users instantly send out date invites instead of chatting for hours.

To get people out of this deadly routine, FROME allows users to set up dates in a matter of seconds. Once users log into their accounts they can swipe through the profiles of users who are also ready to skip the chit chat and go on a date in real life. By doing this, users get to experience real human connections a lot faster than they would chatting online for a long period of time. 

“The founding motivation behind FROME was to make online dating more organic and intentional,” Joe said. “You can only have one date per day, so all your attention is on one person per day.”

No more endless swiping is FROME’s big goal for singles. Users can actually get things in motion through the FROME app. Chatting online with someone you haven’t met yet can cause you to create a false narrative of that person. To avoid any misconceptions, it’s best to meet in person so you can see whether the chemistry is truly there. 

Don’t know where to go if you land a date? No worries! Thanks to FROME, users can find a list of places to visit for a great first date. This takes some pressure off dating and helps push forward Joe’s vision to bring back in-person dating again. 

Many Couples Enjoy the Shortcut to Romance

FROME helps eliminate the barriers of online dating. One of the scary parts of online dating is that you never know what the other person is thinking behind the screen. With FROME, users can quickly meet instead of going through the awkward conversations and overthinking phase. This creates a better sense of security for users and allows them to gauge whether they are a true match.

“Our reviews have been great, as the people who use the app are all like-minded,” Joe told us. He recalled one woman at a singles event in Venice said she had an awesome date thanks to meeting the right guy on FROME.

Screenshot from website.
Singles get to meet real and genuine people on FROME.

Romance should not feel forced or rushed. In the dating world today, there is a big emphasis on finding love fast, but the tradeoff is often relationship longevity. Developers of FROME understand how this can limit singles from experiencing the exciting parts of getting to know a person and slowly building a life with them. FROME provides users the ability to create a verified shortcut to starting their romantic story. 

“I love this bc it takes out the small talk, so often I talk to people forever on dating apps and nothing happens, I love that I can actually meet someone face to face this way,” said an anonymous FROME user in a review

In just three steps, users can send, receive and confirm dates. You can scan over profiles and instantly send out a date invite. Users never have to feel pressured to say yes to dates if they don’t feel comfortable. It is up to the receiver if they wish to accept, decline, or suggest a new date, time, or location. 

To encourage singles to meet outside of the app, once users both agree to a date, a countdown is set and they are only able to communicate six hours before the date. Once a pair goes on a date they can no longer communicate on the FROME platform — so it’s best to get that cutie’s number when you meet in person! 

FROME currently operates on a freemium model, so the basic membership will offer standard messaging, but users have the option to upgrade for $10 a month to enjoy a longer chat window (up to 10 hours) and have an undo button and verification badge in the app. The team is working to expand its subscription model to give users more perks and options in the future.

The FROME App Encourages Real Dating

Let’s face it, dating can cause plenty of rational people to become overthinkers and overanalyze a situation. If a person is an hour late in responding to a text, we start assuming the worst before the real dating process has even begun. FROME not only helps you find a date but puts your mind at ease throughout the way.

FROME helps bring dating back to how it used to be. The app’s smooth interface makes it easy for singles to turn an online match into a real-life date and build that relationship offline, as it should be! 

“We want FROME to become a brand and community more so than just a dating app,” Joe told us. “We want to create a way of dating through apps with respect, intention, and fun.”

Real dating isn’t chatting with thousands of people online. Real dating is considered getting to know someone on a personal level. On FROME users can do just that. FROME allows users to only focus on one connection at a time — making it more valuable and giving users more assurance that their time isn’t being wasted.

FROME is inclusive to all mobile devices. You can find the FROME app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For once no one cares if your text is green or blue, just as long as you can send the date request! 

“This app is old school in that it gets people to meet other people, in-person. What a revelation, we all want to meet people, especially after the pandemic, but this makes dating real. Real people forming a connection in-person, not shopping a catalog!” said an anonymous FROME user in a review