“Is Elite Singles Free?” — (7 No-Cost Features to Take Advantage Of)

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“Is Elite Singles Free?” — (7 No-Cost Features to Take Advantage Of)

Hayley Matthews Hayley Matthews

In 1995, the average tank of gas was around $1.15 a gallon. Today it’s more like $2.72. A two-bedroom apartment cost $1,178 every month, but now you’ll be spending about $2,432. For $1.16, you could get a dozen eggs, but you’ll have to shell out (get it?) an average of $2 for a dozen eggs today.

In terms of online dating, which had just launched in 1995, people were spending $9.95 per month for an annual membership. Currently, people could be spending upward of $20 a month for an annual membership.

The key to saving in online dating is to sign up for a site that’s 100% free or offers a free membership, and we have a lot of readers asking us which sites fall into these categories. Today one of them we’re going to talk about is Elite Singles. Below is everything you need to know about the site’s cost… or lack thereof.

Yes, Elite Singles is Free! Here Are 7 Things You Can Do

Numerous components of Elite Singles are totally free, giving you the chance to figure out if it’s really the right site for you. And we’re going to walk you through them all.

1. Sign Up for a Membership

Not only does a basic membership on Elite Singles not cost a cent, but it also never expires. All you have to do to get started is select your gender and the gender you’re interested in (lesbian women and gay men are more than welcome!) and input your email address and password.


Relationships: Serious Relationships

Match System: Search, Receive Partner Suggestions

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Browse Free: View Photos Now

Before we get too far into the other free features on Elite Singles, you should know a few more things. First, the site emphasizes education (82% of users have a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree). Second, more than 165,000 people sign up every week, so its user base is growing rapidly. Finally, 2,500 members find love, and you could be next if you give the site a chance.

2. Answer Questions About Yourself & Matches

The next section you’ll fill out will take the longest (about 20 minutes), but it’s the most important. The site has its very own matching questionnaire that analyzes 29 unique personality traits.

Once you confirm your gender and the gender of your desired partner, you’ll choose your age, marital status, highest level of education, profession, height. Plus, you need to rank how important these qualities are in your desired partner. You’ll answer “not important,” “important,” or “very important.”

Then you’ll be given dozens of words (e.g., trendy, attractive, athletic) and statements (e.g., “I always proceed according to plan,” “I become stressed easily,” and “I like helping others.”) and determine at what degree they apply to you.

Screenshot of the Elite Singles questionnaire

Elite Singles has a unique, extensive and free questionnaire, which will be used to find you the most compatible matches.

There’s a part for your lifestyle habits (such as smoking and drinking), hobbies and passions (such as music, fine dining, and work), romantic goals (such as having children), religious/spiritual beliefs, and appearance. EliteSingles also wants to know if you want your desired partner’s habits, values, and looks to align with yours.

The last thing you’ll do is enter your first name (only displayed to matches), location, the distance willing to travel (50 to 300 miles or I do not mind), and income — as well as choose a photo that describes you (e.g., snowy mountains, foggy forest, or a sunset over the ocean).

Yes, this seems like a lot of work, but it’s worth it. We promise! Throughout the whole process, you can save your work and come back later, too.

3. Get Your Own Scientifically Created Personality Profile

After completing all of the questions, you’ll receive a personalized assessment, which you can find on your profile under the Personality tab.

This will give you an overview of your openness (ranging from habitual to inventive), conscientiousness (ranging from easygoing to disciplined), extraversion (ranging from introverted to extroverted), agreeableness (ranging from cautious to compassionate), and neuroticism (ranging from emotionally stable to sensitive). You’ll also see explanations for each word and can download a PDF if you want.

Screenshot of an Elite Singles Personality Profile

Once you answer every question, Elite Singles will give you an assessment of your personality traits so you can see how open, conscientious, outgoing, agreeable, and neurotic you may be.

These are among the traits Elite Singles considers when pairing you with other members. You are also able to add other traits based on whatever criteria you want (more on that later).

4. Upload Photos

Unlike some dating websites where you’re only allowed three photos or so, Elite Singles allows you to add as many as you want. You have the option of taking a photo in real time as well — as the site provides a feature that will use the camera on your computer or phone.

Screenshot of an Elite Singles profile

You can add numerous photos on your profile or even sync up your Facebook to have all the work done for you within a matter of seconds.

Perhaps the easiest option is to connect your Elite Singles profile with your Facebook profile (the site will never post on your behalf). Your gallery will be filled up in no time.

5. Pick Your Matches (Plus the Site Will Make Suggestions)

We mentioned earlier that Elite Singles will use the information gathered during the registration phase to give you customized partner suggestions. You can browse through these by clicking the Matches tab. Partner suggestion filters include newest first, not viewed yet, distance (ascending or descending), age (ascending or descending), name (ascending or descending), online status, and with photo.

Screenshot of Elite Singles partner suggestions

You’ll find the best of both worlds on Elite Singles — handpicked matches and the ability to browse on your own based on your wants and needs.

When you want to take matters into your own hands, click the Search icon in the top-right corner. You’ll see six different sections on the left-hand side, such as Age & Height and Education & Income, and your search parameters will already be set. However, you can change them whenever you want.

6. Receive Messages

In terms of communication, Elite Singles offers virtual smiles, a Favorites list, photo requests, and the ability to like sections of a person’s profile and see who’s visited yours.

Photo of Elite Singles' communication options

Whether you’re receiving messages, sending virtual smiles, or adding members to your Favorites list, you won’t have to pay.

With a basic membership, you’re also allowed to receive messages, and you can keep tabs on all of those conversations under the Communication Status tab. The main Messages page has sorting options as well, like by sender and by date, and if you’re having trouble coming up with something to say, check out some of the site’s pre-set responses.

7. Access Everything Via Desktop & Mobile

Most of us have our phones practically glued to our hands these days, so it’s no surprise that Elite Singles also has an app. No matter if you’re a fan of iOS or Android devices, you can get it for free.

Screenshot of the Elite Singles App

Elite Singles is available for free via the App Store and Google Play, and the experience is just as streamlined as it is on desktop.

In our experience, the app is very clean and intuitive, and you’ll have access to all the same tools. From the Starbucks line to the commute to work, you can date wherever you want!

Elite Singles: Giving You Bang for Your Buck!

While we can’t guarantee the price of gas, rent, and most other things in life won’t go up (sorry!), we can confidently say Elite Singles will always have some sort of free experience. So spend some time getting to know the site and all of its offerings — without having to get your wallet out of your pocket or purse!