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The Lefty Dating App Focuses on Producing More Compatible Matches

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The Short Version: The Lefty dating app is on a mission to help people find their perfect match. Singles on the Lefty app discover that finding love is a lot easier and faster when they’re in a like-minded community. Lefty uses cool chatting features to help members connect and get to know one another. Progressive singles can join the Lefty community at no charge and experience online dating in a whole new and refreshing way! 

Online dating is one of the best ways to meet and date people these days. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, singles are more favorable to using online dating apps and sites for their social and dating needs. Even though the online dating world has changed the trajectory of dating, it’s still safe to say that it can be intimidating at times –– especially when you’re just starting to date again. 

Thanks to dating apps like Lefty, liberal singles can find comfort in knowing that they’re not a small fish in a big pond. Lefty is a dating app that is designed for singles with a Lefty political affiliation. For some people, dating a person outside their political view is a no-go.

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Lefty is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play!

What started as an app in Brazil for progressives turned into a growing app that is now expanding to countries all around the world. 

“Relationships with people who think very differently from our political convictions tend to wear out over time. We believe that all this trouble can be avoided if we find a person who thinks as we do!” said the Lefty team. 

Alex Felipelli, the founder of Lefty, said that based on the company’s research, the future of online dating is with niche dating apps. The team discovered that more people are getting tired of the massive amount of users online they come across with whom they have nothing in common. Alex wanted to make a difference in singles’ lives and help them avoid going through an array of dates before finding someone who shares the same values and interests as they do.  

Finding Your Liberal Crush for Free

Differences in a relationship certainly can work out in the couple’s favor, but they can also complicate things. It’s best for a couple to possess the same core values because it will help them be on one page as it pertains to their finances, parenting, and other fronts. Lefty is for those singles who appreciate differences but want to be with someone who shares the same core values as they do.

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In just three steps, singles can find their Lefty soulmate.

Alex told us that the team’s goal is to help people find long-term relationships. To make that happen at no charge, people over the age of 18 can sign up and be a part of the Lefty community. Once they have joined, members can start their dating journey right away by liking those profiles that interest them. Matches are created once two members like each other’s profiles, and they can instantly start chatting.

“There is no better way to begin a relationship than to already start it knowing that the other person thinks as you do, is there? You can share moments and have a good time, knowing you agree on the values important to you, such as social welfare, respect for diversity and minorities, human rights, and sustainable development,” said the Lefty team. 

Singles who want an enhanced dating experience on Lefty can upgrade to a premium membership. Lefty premium members avoid ads while using the app, get access to who has liked their profile without having to match with them, and have unlimited teleportation use. Singles can purchase Lefty coins without having to upgrade their membership. Those coins allow them to super-like profiles to get their attention. 

Meeting Someone You’re Actually Interested In

Online dating is a big risk that can be worth taking! Once you meet the right person, the short or long journey you went on to find them will be worth it. One of the biggest things therapists and dating coaches encourage singles to do is to never settle for less. Wanting a partner who fits your expectations is not wrong. On Lefty, members can find comfort in knowing that there are a lot of interesting people who will fit their dating expectations. 

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Lefty is designed for people to actually meet who they’re interested in.

“Members can expand their profiles and give other members a glimpse of who they are before even talking to them. Members can further describe their political positions and share what community engagements they’ve done such as any activism,” said Alex. 

The Lefty team works diligently to ensure that members leave the app happy and fulfilled. Whether you end up meeting a long-term friend or the love of your life, using Lefty’s services is worthwhile. The app promotes inclusivity and diversity and allows members to share their sexual orientation and gender identity from the beginning. 

Lefty also allows members to use filters to help them narrow down their search. Members can search for people based on location, gender, and interests. As a lefty living in a red state, it can be hard to find a democratic partner. Lefty’s filter makes things easier and helps you discover other democratic singles in the area. 

“Great app because I’m a leftist and very proud to be… I just can’t imagine having a serious relationship with a Republican,” said Mark Kenny, a Lefty member in a review

Lefty: Dating for Progressives

Knowing you agree on the same values as someone makes dating someone a whole lot easier. Instead of having to play 21 questions to get to know someone, members on Lefty know from the jump that they have something in common with everyone on the app. Progressive singles now have a safe space to just date and connect with someone they feel united with. 

Lefty recently launched in the United States and the United Kingdom. Alex said the team adjusts to accommodate singles in the country they are in. Online dating can feel lonely at times but the Lefty team is always available and willing to give members a helping hand throughout the entire process. 

We can expect more from the Lefty team in the near future. Alex said the company is looking forward to expanding the app to even more countries over the year. Progressive singles can download the Lefty app on Google Play and the Apple App Store

“Over time we’re going to start to build more features that are specific to progressive singles. We’ll start to release them slowly in the future but for now, members can enjoy the features we have to help them connect with other members,” Alex told us.