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Singles in America: Match’s 12th Annual Study Finds a New Generation Rising to Meet New Challenges

Amber Brooks

Written by: Amber Brooks

Amber Brooks

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The Short Version: Dating today can be intimidating. The world is always changing, and this past year is no different. We’ve seen so many changes take place in our communities on a social and political level that almost every day it seems like Twitter is buzzing with a new headline. We find ourselves in a world where so many opinions swirl in real life and online that navigating the dating world can feel like driving without directions. Match’s Singles in America survey breaks down the social dynamics millions of single people express about the dating world and how society impacts single life. 

The internet can sometimes be overwhelming with so many divergent opinions, tips, and dating preferences. It’s an information overload and can leave singles in a more confused state than before. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a bubble or lose sight of the big picture in all that noise.

Some daters may even start to think they’re alone in their struggle to find a partner or figure out what they want. But the fact is the dating experience is universal, and we do have ways to study and learn about it, if only to feel less alone and not succumb to swiping tunnel vision.

Singles in America is an annual survey conducted by Match to gain insights into what makes the dating world tick. The survey has reached over 5,000 single people in the U.S.

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Match conducts an investigative survey of single people every year.

Professional data analysts have broken down the results to give us an inside look into the minds of single people and their views on dating. The 2022 survey brings to the forefront several hot topics and issues that are important to modern singles, particularly Gen Z and millennials.

Singles In America brings in a new wave of dating trends and takeaways to think on. This survey helps daters attain a holistic view of how other people feel about relationships and difficult topics like politics and mental health awareness. 

The team behind Singles In America told us, “This year’s study of 5,000+ single men and women – now part of a sample of 60,000 singles Match has studied over the past 12 years – has uncovered unprecedented shifts in dating, sex, and love.”

Experts Welcome the Era of the Conscious Dater 

One interesting fact about modern-day daters is that they’re more tech-savvy than ever. Generations before this have snubbed online dating, but now it’s become mainstream. Egalitarian views in relationships are also on the rise in American society.

Times have changed, and now singles seek to create a mutual bond that benefits both sides. They want to learn from each other and grow as individuals rather than be trapped in a particular gender role or stereotype.

Singles in America has gotten insights into what singles want to gain from their dating experiences.

“Most singles see personal opportunities in dating,” according to the survey results. In fact, 79% of the respondents said that dating helps them learn about new people. Plus, over half of singles reported that they think that dating has helped them become a better version of themselves.

Singles in America study
Modern daters are more conscious of the costs and benefits of their swiping activity.

Of course, we can’t talk about dating without including the spicy topic of sex. Singles in America shows that the new generations are certainly open and excited to engage with their partners to explore each other physically. 

The stigma against sex outside of marriage is fading fast, and sex-positivity has become the new normal for many singles. Rather than thinking of sex as dirty or taboo, singles seem to be embracing talking about its good traits. The Singles in America study reported that 70% of its single respondents said they think having sex boosts their mental and physical health.

Singles in America also found that singles are becoming more open to dating outside of their social groups or cultural backgrounds. Interracial pairings are more common as a result. Taking a chance on someone you weren’t initially attracted to can lead to a Disney-movie ending for some couples. 

Single people who took the survey said they were more likely to consider a potential partner’s views and charisma over physical attributes. This shows that singles are taking a chance on diving deeper in relationships. And, even if a date doesn’t end the way you want it to, dating outside your range leads to personal growth. 

Match has hailed 2022 as the year of conscious dating, which means that singles showed more intentionality with their dating habits and partner preferences.

The survey lauded “singles who are increasingly thoughtful and have a healthy approach to what they look for in a partner and how they build relationships.” The Singles In America survey this year found that singles meet in IRL faster than ever, and they’re interested in self-improvement as part of their dating journey.

Political Issues Are Impacting Dating & Relationships 

This year has been a radical year for politics. New issues are impacting society, and singles are keeping up with headlines and how national and local issues affect their lives.

Singles In America’s 2022 survey revealed that national policies can change the dating dynamic. The decision by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade has made an impact on the dating scene and shifted views on having sex and starting a family with a partner. When your date asks you about your political views, it’s best to have an idea of what’s going on in the world. 

According to Singles In America, the uncertainty in women’s healthcare options has caused some singles to rethink their dating choices. Some 13% of respondents said they are more hesitant to date in the post-Roe era we’re entering.

Screenshot of the study
Economic pressures have impacted the dating world in a number of ways.

National politics is not the only thing changing the dating world – the economy is impacting how singles choose what type of date to go on. The survey results show that 30% of singles agree that inflation has made them more eager to find a financially stable partner. And an incredible 96% said they want a partner who shares similar attitudes about debt and spending. That’s the highest rate of consensus that survey question has seen in a decade.

Today’s single people seem invested in having stable living conditions, having good credit, and maintaining low debt to increase their way of living. They also want their partner to have these qualities too. A good 1 in 4 respondents said they are now more appreciative of frugal people.

Having someone who cares equally about their financial situation will lead to a long-lasting empire. This generation has a lot of challenges ahead, so it makes sense for them to be prioritizing financial responsibility. 

It’s attractive for someone to be knowledgeable about politics and what’s going on in the country, so start following news outlets or your local politicians to stay informed! 

80% of Young Singles Want to be in a Relationship 

Singles in America discovered that today’s single population is largely over hookup culture. Many singles said they are looking for real love and a full relationship. In fact, survey results show that 73% of respondents say they are open to getting in a long-term relationship with the right person.

Only 10% of respondents in the survey said they want to date casually for the long run. While casual hookups continue to be a vibe, long-term love is on the rise in the dating world.

We’re in a new age of dating, where many singles have a positive perspective on their dating lives. There are multiple ways to go about finding a partner from social gatherings, dating apps, and even social media. Singles in America helps debunk the myth that “everyone wants to be single”. Most single people don’t plan on staying single. They want to get out there and find that one person so they can grow and develop.

According to the survey, “Young singles are especially sold on long-term relationships, with 80% indicating they’d like to find something that lasts. The search is on for partnerships: 48% of all singles say they’re more eager to meet a partner now than before.”